15th Anniversary Convention

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The Master's Affair T-Shirt
The 15th Anniversary Convention, AKA "The Master's Affair" was the first Rocky Horror convention event organized and presented by 20th Century Fox. It was not a traditional convention, but a star-studded gala that took place on the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City, CA, on October 20th, 1990 and was held in conjunction with the release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Box Set on CD and Cassette, and the first release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on VHS. Attendees were given a small gray-plastic goody bag with the 15th Anniversary Logo that contained a laminate, a T-Shirt, a 15th Anniversary pin and pen light stamped with "There's A Light" written on the side to use during the screening instead of flicking your Bic, which was still common (and a fire hazard) at the time.

Celebrity Guests

Convention Organizers

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

Dr. Frank N Furter

  • Landry Walker
  • Ray Thompson
  • James Dockery
  • Curtis Mahshi
  • Chris Kramer
  • Norman Dostal

Brad Majors

  • Rob Ely
  • Bradford Demoss
  • Rob Wong
  • Stephen Harris

Janet Weiss

Riff Raff



  • Becky Milanio
  • Alyc Helms
  • Sandra Whitacre
  • Tiffany Snell
  • Angela Eisen


  • Eric Jones


  • Vic
  • Cory Chapman
  • Dave Trackenberg
  • Micha

Dr. Scott

  • Asher Montandon

The Criminologist

  • Mario
  • James Harris

Ralph Hapschatt

  • Micha

Betty Hapschatt

  • Sarah


  • Catherine Nevels
  • Thayer Crumley
  • Stephanie Leitch

Other Performers

  • The Ringling Sisters

Award Ceremonies

See Also

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