77 Sunset Strip

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77 Sunset Strip
77 Sunset Strip Marker

77 Sunset Strip was a popular, hour-long crime drama produced by Warner Bros that originally aired on American television from 1958-1964. Although the connection to The Rocky Horror Picture Show is obscure, it is no less significant to those who attended screenings at the legendary Tiffany Theater from 1977-1983.

The facade of the fictional detective agency, located on the world-famous Sunset Strip, was later the front entrance of the Tiffany, which stood from 1964-2013 and was one of the The First 30 US Theaters‎ to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a midnight movie on a regular basis. Legions of Rocky Horror fans flocked to the famed movie house for midnight and 2 AM screenings at the height of the film's popularity. The fictional address was situated next door to Dean Martin's restaurant, Dino's Lodge, which became the swanky dinner destination Chez Denis in 1978. Although there was never any reported trouble, packs of costumed Rocky Horror attendees were often found loitering in the driveway between the two destinations, literally hanging out on the spot where the TV detectives of 77 Sunset Strip parked their cars.

A stage version of The Rocky Horror Show also had a run at the Tiffany after it was converted to a playhouse that was attended by Richard O'Brien in spring of 1999.

In later years, a historic marker was placed by the front door of the Tiffany commemorating the famous West Hollywood location that later became almost as famous for its standing in the Rocky Horror community's history. The theatre is gone, but the marker remains.

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