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The first officially licensed merchandise for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a set of 6 large badges from A&B Creations
Alba Cordasco and Betty Rice
A&B Creations advertisement from Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Magazine - 1979

A&B Creations was a company that produced the first Officially Licensed Merchandise for ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show''. The company was formed in 1979 by Alba Cordasco and Betty Rice, who were regulars at the Waverly Theater and the 8th Street Playhouse.

In early 1978, they began making home made buttons to help defray the expenses they incurred by going to Rocky Horror every weekend and sold the buttons while waiting in line. The buttons proved to be very popular with Rocky Horror fans.

On June 26, 1978, they embarked on cross-country tour of the United States with the goal of seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show in as many theaters as they could, making and selling their buttons at every stop. As part of the trip, they attended a performance by Tim Curry at the Roxy Theatre at the start of his "Read My Lips" tour and presented him with a button.

In Spring 1979, 20th Century Fox granted them the license to produce and sell six, 3-inch Rocky Horror badges, which now included an official copyright line for Fox and A&B Creations. The buttons were advertised in The Transylvanian, The Rocky Horror Official Poster Magazine, Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Magazine, and Inside Insanity. The set of six pins were mass produced and sold at various theaters, retail outlets and mail-order distributors as Alba and Betty made the cross-over from bootlegging to legitimate, licensed manufacturers of Rocky Horror merchandise. The pins became not only the the first easily obtained Rocky merchandise, but sold in such quantities that they are not difficult to find on the secondary market almost 40 years later. The buttons are featured in the infamous Tim And Meat's One-Stop Rocky Horror Shop sketch on Saturday Night Live.