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Balboa Theatre, Newport Beach CA
Vintage bumper sticker advertising RHPS at the Balboa Theatre

Theatre Location: 707 East Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA

Theater Open Date: 1928

Theater Status: Closed

The historic Balboa Theatre in Newport Bach, Ca was one of The First 30 US Theaters to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a weekly, midnight movie running at the Orange County revival house from August 19, 1977 to November 30, 1991.

The theater originally opened as The Ritz theater in 1928, and changed its name to the Balboa Theatre in 1939. The independent theater was taken over by the Pussycat Theater chain in 1973, and was converted to a revival house by the Parallax, the parent company of Landmark Theatres, in 1975. The theater has been closed since 1998, though owned by the city of Newport Beach, with plans of reviving the cinema at some point Screenings of Rocky Horror are considered part of the theater's culture, and have been mentioned as a future possibility if and when the Balboa eventually re-opens as a multi-use performance place.
The Balboa is featured on The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Disc

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