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Barry Humphries as Burt Schnick in Shock Treatment.
Barry Humphries (born 17 February 1934) is an Australian actor, best known for his on-stage and television alter egos Dame Edna Everage, though known to fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as game show host Bert Schnick in the Rocky Horror sequel, Shock Treatment.

The multi-talented and award-winning Humphries has a long list of credits beginning in the late 1950s, ranging from author of over 20 books, multiple stage credits, film roles, record albums and no less than 4 alter-egos.


2017: The Bolt Report (TV Series) - Sir Les Patterson
2016: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Charlie / Dame Edna
2015: Blinky Bill - Wombo (voice)
2015: The Great Comic Relief Bake Off (TV Mini-Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2014: You've Got to Love Christmas (TV Movie) - Dame Edna Everage
2014 Celebrity Squares (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2014: Jack Irish: Dead Point (TV Movie) - Justice Logan
2014: The Kangaroo Gang (TV Series) - Narrator
2013: What a Debacle, Freddy Farkle! (Short) - Narrator (voice)
2013: Bubble Guppies (TV Series) - The Wizard of Oz-tralia!
2013: BBC Proms (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2013: Chickens (TV Series) - Headmaster
2013: Justin and the Knights of Valour - Braulio (voice)
2012: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Great Goblin
2012: Kath & Kimderella - Dame Edna
2012: The Project (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2011: Kinect Disneyland Adventures (Video Game) - Bruce (voice)
2011: The Rob Brydon Show (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2011: Paul O'Grady Live (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2001-2011: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (TV Series) - Dame Edna / Dame Edna Everage - Royal Wedding Correspondent / Dame Edna Everage
2008-2010: Loose Women (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2004-2010: The View (TV Series) - Dame Edna
2009: Andre Rieu: Live in Sydney (Video) - Dame Edna Everage
2009: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (TV Series) - Dame Edna - Excerpt Reader
2009: Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2009: Mary and Max - Narrator (voice)
2008: Salvation - Client
2008: The Graham Norton Show (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1978-2007: Parkinson (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2007: 'Little Britain' Down Under (TV Movie documentary) - Dame Edna Everage
2007: The Dame Edna Treatment/Dame Edna's 50th Anniversary Special (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage / Sir Les Patterson
2007: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Short) - Bruce (voice)
2007: This Morning (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2007: Michael Parkinson's Greatest Entertainers (TV Movie documentary) - Dame Edna Everage
2006: It Started with... Swap Shop (TV Movie) - Dame Edna Everage (voice)
2006: Spicks and Specks (TV Series) - Dame Edna
2006: 9am with David & Kim (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
2006: The Prince's Trust 30th Birthday: Live (TV Movie documentary) - Dame Edna Everage
2005: Da Kath & Kim Code (TV Movie) - John Monk
2005: Avenue of the Stars: 50 Years of ITV (TV Special) - Dame Edna Everage
2005: The Tony Danza Show (TV Series) - Dame Edna
2005: Live! with Kelly (TV Series) - Dame Edna
2004: Rove Live (TV Series) - Sir Les Patterson
2003: Finding Nemo - Bruce (voice)
2002: The Jubilee Girl (TV Movie) - Dame Edna Everage
2002: Nicholas Nickleby - Mrs. Crummles / Mr. Leadville (as Dame Edna Everage)
2001-2002: Ally McBeal (TV Series) - Claire Otoms
2000: This Hour Has 22 Minutes (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1999: Python Night: 30 Years of Monty Python (TV Movie documentary) - Dame Edna Everage
1997: Dame Edna Kisses It Better (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1997 Les Patterson and the Great Chinese Takeaway - Les Patterson
1997: Spice World - Kevin McMaxford
1997: Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills - Bert / Lady Shopper / Manager
1997: Welcome to Woop Woop - Blind Wally
1996: RTL Samstag Nacht (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1996: The Leading Man - Humphrey Beal
1995: Drag-Attack (Short) - Dame Edna
1995: Napoleon Kangaroo -English version, voice as Dame Edna Everage v 1994: Immortal Beloved - Clemens Metternich
1994: Talkshowet (TV Series) - Dame Edna
1993: Edna Time (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage 1991-1993: Dame Edna's Hollywood (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1992: Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1991: The Life and Death of Sandy Stone (TV Series) - Sandy Stone
1991: Selling Hitler (TV Mini-Series) - Rupert Murdoch
1990: A Night on Mount Edna (TV Movie) - Dame Edna Everage
1990: Single Voices (TV Series) - Sandy Stone
1987-1989: The Dame Edna Experience (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage / Sir Les Patterson
1985-1989: Aspel & Company (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1988: Friday Night Live (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1987: The Marsupials: The Howling III - Dame Edna Everage (Academy Award presenter)
1987: Les Patterson Saves the World - Sir Les Patterson / Dame Edna Everage (as Sir Les Patterson/Dame Edna Everage)
1984: Dr. Fischer of Geneva (TV Movie) - Richard Deane
1982: Omnibus (TV Series documentary) -James Joyce/Les Patterson
1981: Shock Treatment - Bert Schnick
1979: Friday Night, Saturday Morning (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1978: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Dame Edna Everage - Our Guests at Heartland (as Dame Edna Everage)
1977: Saturday Night Live (TV Series) Dame Edna Everage- Madeline Kahn/Taj Mahal
1977: The Getting of Wisdom - Rev. Strachey
1976: The Russell Harty Show (TV Series) - Edna Everage / Interviewee
1976: The Barry Humphries Show (TV Series) - Dame Edna Everage
1975: Side by Side - Rodney
1975: The Great MacArthy - Col Ball-Miller
1974: Barry McKenzie Holds His Own - Aunt Edna Everage / Dr. Meyer Delamphrey / Offensive Buck-toothed Englishman
1974: It's Not the Size That Counts -Dr. Anderson / Australian TV Lady
1972: The Adventures of Barry McKenzie - Aunt Edna Everage / Hoot / Dr DeLamphrey
1971: Not Only But Also. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in Australia (TV Mini-Series) 1965-1970: Not Only... But Also (TV Series) In 'Poets Cornered'
1970: Barry Humphries' Scandals (TV Series) - Mrs. Norm Everage / Various Characters
1969: Frost on Saturday (TV Series) - Edna Everage
1969: Strangers in the Night (TV Movie) -Mrs. Edna Everage / Various Characters
1968: The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom - Art dealer
1967: Bedazzled - Envy
1967: The Wednesday Play (TV Series) - "A Brilliant Future Behind Him"
1966-1967: The Late Show (TV Series) - Edna Everage
1963: The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox (TV Series) "The Painter" - The Painter
1958: Wild Life and Christmas Belles (TV Movie)