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Bernie Bregman with Brad's Shorts (really!)
Barry Bostwick and Bernie Bregman. Vista Theatre (July 6, 2018) - Geri Kramer Photography

Bernie Bregman is an American Rocky Horror Legend.
He is Alumni of Sins O' The Flesh and the producer of 7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention.
Bernie is the 2010 winner of The Boss Award, and the current custodian of Brad's Shorts (really!).

Cast Affiliations

Sins O' The Flesh - Member/Cast Leader/Emcee
NDA - Member/Cast Leader
The Forbidden Fruit - Member/Founder/Cast Leader/Emcee

Theaters Attended

Conventions Attended

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

1999: The Rocky Horror Show 1999 Los Angeles Revival starring David Arquette at the Tiffany Theater
2010: RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball‎‎
2010: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary (West Hollywood CA)
2010: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Blu-ray special features interview, Don't Dream It, Be It: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast.

Notable Events

2018: Barry Bostwick Handprints - (Vista Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) July 6
2019: The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Riverside Live! - (Riverside CA) October 26

Shock Treatment Events

Farley Flavors

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