Brad's Shorts (really!)

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Barry Bostwick, Tommy Cooper, and Steve Fobert. Tiffany Theater (June 19, 1981)
Bernie Bregman with Brad's Shorts (really!) (December 15, 2013)
Barry Bostwick and Bernie Bregman. Vista Theatre (July 6, 2018) - Geri Kramer Photography

Brad's Shorts (really!) are a pair of framed underwear that Barry Bostwick presented to the Tiffany Theater during his appearance on June 19, 1981. It was the first time that Barry had seen the film with Audience Participation and a Shadowcast. Barry mentions the underwear in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Blu-ray special features interview, Don't Dream It, Be It: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast in which he asks, "I wonder who has my underwear now?".

The underwear were displayed in the lobby of the Tiffany Theater until 1982 when Richard Gifford won them in a "Riff-Raffle" held at the Tiffany.
In 1983, Richard traded them to Jim Cochrane for a screen accurate Riff Raff tailcoat. Jim kept them on the wall of his office from 1983 until his death in 2011. On December 15, 2013, Jim's widow, Ginny Garrison, bequeathed them to Bernie Bregman, who brings them to conventions and other Rocky Horror events. They were last publicly displayed on July 6, 2018 as part of the Barry Bostwick Handprints ceremony at the Vista Theatre.

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