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Brian Thomson is an Australian theatre, opera and film designer who first collaborated with Jim Sharman in 1969, including the hugely successful Australian production of Hair and London production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Thomson created the original stage decor for The Rocky Horror Show in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Tokyo and Oslo. Thomson was heavily involved with the film version, The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well. Not coincidentally, in 1981, he was principal set designer for Shock Treatment.

Thomson was responsible for the original theater design, which he envisioned as a "derelict theater," which is why the opening number was presented by an Usherette. When it came time to go to film, it was Thomson who suggested The Lips, now synonymous with the film, based on the Man Ray painting, "Lips over Hollywood." Thomson thought Dr. Frank N Furter would be a connoisseur of art, and threw in several iconic images through the film, including Michelangelo's David and American Gothic by Grant Wood. For more information on art references, see also [1].