Creatures Of The Night - Long Beach, CA

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Creatures Of The Night was the first Rocky Horror performance group for Long Beach, CA during the late 1970's-early 1980's.

Cast Location: Long Beach, CA

Cast Status: Retired

Cast Venues: UA Long Beach Marketplace 6

Show Frequency: Every Friday & Saturday

Cast History

One of the earliest Rocky Horror performance groups in Southern California, Creatures Of The Night were based out of the UA Long Beach Marketplace 6.

Cast Members

  • Alan Emmerich (aka Alan Heiro)
  • Elizabeth Pacela
  • Eva Destruction

Theaters Attended

Conventions Attended

1980: The Second Annual Transylvanian Convention (Hollywood, CA)
1981: The Semi-Annual Transylvanian Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
1981: The Third Annual Transylvanian Convention (Anaheim, CA)
1982: ROCKY ALIVE (Hawthorne, CA)