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Tim Curry with costumed Dori Hartley on the set of "Paradise Garage"
Dori Hartley in 1979

Rocky Horror Legend Dori Hartley was (and is) the most celebrated of all shadowcasters of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Emerging from the New York group that created the The Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Fan Club, Dori Hartley was synonymous with the part of Dr. Frank-N-Furter beginning in 1977, before the concept of the Shadowcast was defined. Dori became legendary early on for both her robust interpretation of Frank N Furter (first at at the Waverly Theater and then at the 8th Street Playhouse) as well as for her illustrations and fan fiction in the national newsletter, The Transylvanian. In 1979, Dori's performance was immortalized in a cameo in the promotional film for "Paradise Garage" by Tim Curry, which was shown in theaters nationally before The Rocky Horror Picture Show in support of Curry's then-new LP, Fearless.
Hartley went on to be a multi-talented artist with a long list of accomplishments in the fields of acting, music, painting and writing. A true creative soul, Hartley is committed to a personal goal of creating one work of art each day.

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1978: "Tomorrow with Tom Snyder"
1979: "Paradise Garage" by Tim Curry, A&M Records promotional video. Cameo as Frank N Furter
2014: Interviewed for Rocky Horror Saved My Life
Dori is featured in Creatures Of The Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience by Sal Piro.

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Tim Curry -"Paradise Garage" [1]
Dori appears in full Frank costume in this music video.