East Coast 2000

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Convention Ticket

Convention Location: Allentown, PA

Convention Website: http://www.rockyhorrorarchives.org/allentown2000/RHPS-idx.htm

Convention Dates: March 17 & 18th, 2000

Convention Venues Lehigh Valley Cinemas, the Americus Hotel

Celebrity Guests

Convention Organizers

Convention Schedule


  • Hosting/Pre-shows
  • "Minnie the Moocher" by Bill Brennan
  • "Jessica Harper Pre-show" by Jessica Feldman
  • "Blues Brothers" by Ron Maxwell and Tony Anthony Imbornone
  • Home of Happiness Cast performance
  • Shock Treatment
  • Masquerade Party


  • Weclome to the Convention/Introduction of Con Committee
  • "Beauty Queeen" by Kim Schaffer
  • Q&A with Nell Campbell
  • Autograph Session with Nell
  • "Amish Paradise" by Paul Sutt
  • "Eddie's Do-Woppin Teddies" by Trixie's Kidz (Dallastown, PA)
  • "Rocky on the Rocks" by Charles Eights
  • "Putting on the Ritz" by Kim Schaffer and Paul Sutt

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

Dr. Frank N. Furter

  • Perre Poley (NYC Cast) - Floorshow
  • Roberta Rettachi
  • Scott Keogh
  • Bianca Mauro
  • Nick Baroudi
  • Paul Sutt

Brad Majors

  • Mark Reddiker
  • Ron Maxwell
  • Chuck Andrews
  • Nick Naselli
  • Lori Halsey
  • Kevin McCreesh

Janet Weiss

  • Lisa Amato
  • Lisa Allison
  • Sherri Rosensweig
  • Sarah Tarbox
  • Jaimie Froemming
  • Jessica Feldman

Riff Raff


  • Traci Hunniwell
  • Jeanne Rogovin
  • Hilary Maxwell
  • Sara Wendell
  • Theresa DiStasi



  • Travis Everett


  • Jim Williard
  • Sean Manear

Dr. Scott

The Criminologist

Wedding Photographer & Assistant

  • Anna Offerman
  • Melanie Keneko

Wedding Guest

  • Barbara Glinkin


Shock Treatment Casting

Janet Majors

  • Jessica Feldman
  • Suzanne McCreesh
  • Karen Savage

Brad Majors

Farley Flavors

  • Kevin McCreesh

Cosmo McKinley

Nation McKinley

Judge Oliver Wright

  • Chad Parizman

Betty Hapschatt

  • Carrie Dahlby

Ralph Hapschatt

Nurse Ansalong

  • Allison Kloss
  • Sonja Schwarts

Rest Home Ricky

  • Sean Manear
  • Mike Rosensweig

Bert Schnick

  • Arthur Levesque
  • Ray from MASS

Emily Weiss

  • Sherri Timmerman

Harry Weiss

Macy Struthers

  • Stacy Boycik

Neely Pritt

  • Jessica Ceres

Vance Parker

  • Barbara Gilkin

Floor Manager

  • Anna Offerman


Irwin Lapsey

  • Chris Mannix

Oscar Drill

  • Scott Keough


Brenda Drill

  • Tracy Linzer

Additional Screenings

  • _


Award Ceremonies

List of Conventions