Flicking your Bic

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An audience at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles, Flicking their Bics in September of 1978
An audience at the United Artists Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall in Riverside CA in 1979
Late '70s Advert featuring "Bic Flickers"

In the early days of Audience Participation at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, theater-goers would hold up and ignite their pocket cigarette lighters during the choruses of "There's A Light." This was referred to a "flicking your Bic", in reference to a long-running (and often suggestive) advertising campaign at the time for Bic brand lighters, "Flick My Bic."

As time went on and Fire-Marshals began to check in on Rocky Horror screenings, theaters banned the dangerous practice and allowed only flashlights. In recent times, it is more common to see people using a smart phone to participate in the "There's A Light" scene.