Helen Lennox

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Helen Lennox was a English hair stylist who was assistant to Ramon Gow on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lennox started her career as an actress in the mid 1960s, and appeareda few TV roles as well as the 1965 film "The Knack... and How to Get It"

Screen Credits

1998: Stiff Upper Lips (hair stylist)
1996: Intimate Relations (hair stylist)
1996: E=mc2 (assistant hair stylist) / (first assistant makeup artist)
1994: Heaven's a Drag (makeup artist)
1991: Ho sap el ministre? (hair stylist)
1990: The Rift (makeup artist)
1989: A Man of Passion (makeup artist)
1988: Diamond's Edge (hairdresser)
1987: The Living Daylights (hair stylist)
1987: The Return of Sherlock Holmes (TV Movie) (hair stylist)
1986: Murrow (TV Movie) (hair stylist)
1984: The First Olympics: Athens 1896 (TV Mini-Series) (hair stylist - uncredited)
1983: Praying Mantis (TV Movie) (hair stylist)
1982: Witness for the Prosecution (TV Movie) (hair stylist)
1982: The Sender (assistant hair stylist)
1980: The Mirror Crack'd (hairdresser)
1979: Spaced Out (hair stylist)
1979: Dick Turpin (TV Series) (hair stylist - 3 episodes)
1977: Wombling Free (hairdresser)
1977: Nasty Habits (hair stylist)
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (assistant hair stylist - uncredited)
1975: The Amorous Milkman (hair stylist)
1974: Madhouse (chief hairdresser)
1974: QB VII (TV Mini-Series) (hair stylist - 2 episodes)
1973: Dark Places (hairdresser)
1972: Some Kind of Hero (hair stylist)
1972: Up the Front (hairdresser)
1972: Fear in the Night (hairdresser)
1972: Our Miss Fred (hairdresser: Mr. La Rue)
1970: The Railway Children (hairdresser)
1970: Performance (hairdresser)
1970: The Virgin and the Gypsy (hairdressing)
1969: Arthur! Arthur! (hairdresser)