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Cast Location: Hobart, IN

Cast Facebook Page:

Cast Status: Active

Show Frequency: Infrequent


Founded by John Davey, Ed Lipinski, Mat Kniola July 26th, 2008

Cast Venues

Active Cast Members


  • Jennifer Pero
  • Kristen Esgate
  • Zero Esgate
  • Fester
  • Emily Agustin
  • Grace O'Neill
  • Ed Lipinski

Special Shows

  • Legends Of Notre Dame; South Bend, IN

Guest Performers

Theme Shows

  • Kung Fu Night
  • Dead Celebrity Night
  • '80s Night
  • Toga Night
  • Prom Night
  • Halloween in June
  • Furry Night
  • Zombie Night
  • Hillbilly Night
  • Superhero Night
  • Video Game Night
  • Anything But Clothes Night
  • Science Fiction Night
  • Beach Party Night
  • Cinco De Mayo Night
  • Pajama Night

External Links

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