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Cast Location: Pinellas County, FL (previously Tampa, FL)

Cast Facebook:

Cast Founded Date: 1992

Cast Status: active

Cast Venues:

  • AMC Seminole 8 (Seminole, FL) - 1995
  • AMC Crossroads 8 (St. Petersburg) - 1997
  • RC 3 Theatres (Pinellas Park, FL) - 1997
  • The Beach Theatre (St. Pete Beach, FL) - 2000-20012
  • AMC Tri-City 8 (Clearwater, FL) (2013)
  • Seminole 8 (Seminole, FL) - 2014
  • Cinema 6 (Port Richey, FL) - 2015
  • The local 662 (St. Pete, Fl) - 2015-2016
  • Sunset Pointe Cinema Bar and Grill (Clearwater, Fl)- 2015- present
  • Jannus Live (St. Pete, Fl )- 2015- Present
  • Monkey Bar ( Clearwater, Fl)- 2016
  • Keele and Curley winery (Plant city, Fl) 2016
  • Fubar (St. Pete, Fl) Present


It was named, in 1992, after a local Audience Participation line:

Riff Raff: "I think perhaps you better both come inside."

Janet Weiss: "You're too kind."

Audience: "No! He's Three Kinds! He's got Interchangeable Parts!"

(It was an acknowledgement, originally, of the size of the cast and the fact that you didn't know from week to week who was doing what. The cast was formally constituted and named in mid to late 1992.)

The cast performed in Tampa for several years, and was reconstituted with a notable amount of cast continuity at AMC Seminole 8 in 1995, in Seminole, FL. Interchangeable Parts moved to AMC Crossroads 8 in 1997 in St. Petersburg and reconstituted again at RC 3 Theatres in Pinellas Square Mall later the same year, in Pinellas Park, FL. When that theater was closed three years later, Interchangeable Parts moved to The Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach, where it stayed continuously for 12 years, until the theater closed in November 2012. Theatre owner/screenwriter Mike France died just a few months later.

A few months later, the cast moved to AMC Tri-City 8 in Clearwater where it stayed for about a year until the theater closed. The cast then moved back to Seminole 8 in Seminole (no longer an AMC Theatre), nearly 20 years after it had last performed there. The cast performed there for nearly a year before that theater closed.

The cast reconstituted again, with new management, and was at the Cinema 6 for a year in Port Richey FL.

They continue to perform all over Pinellas county, most notable at Sunset pointe cinema bar and grill and Jannus live

It is believed to be the oldest cast in Florida with both the same name, and marked continuity of cast members and staff continuously since its inception. 12 years at the Beach Theatre is believed to be the longest or second longest continuous stand in Florida for an RHPS live cast.

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