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Jim Sharman giving Direction to Peter Hinwood
Jim Sharman is an Australian director. He is the director of The Rocky Horror Show, its film adaptation The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the film's follow-up Shock Treatment.

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1945, Sharman spent a large part of his childhood getting a first-hand education in Vaudeville, traveling with his father's and grandfather's traveling sideshow "Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Troupe." His interest in theater grew, leading him to study Production at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

Sharman created a series of ground-breaking productions of experimental theatre, and gained fame for directing rock musicals including Hair in 1969 (Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Boston), Jesus Christ Superstar in 1972 (Australia and Palace Theatre, London) which lead to his co-creation of the original The Rocky Horror Show with Richard O'Brien in 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Sharman later was involves in moving the show to productions in Sydney, Los Angeles, Melbourne and New York City). He eventually co-wrote the screenplay for The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as serving as its director. In 1981, he reprised his role as director for Rocky Horror's sister film, Shock Treatment.

Jim Sharman became the subject of an early Audience Participation callback. As far back as 1976, when his name appeared in the credits, the audience yelled "Please Don't Squeeze the Sharman," a play on the the then-ubiquitous Charmin toilet paper ad campaign. As a nod to the callback, a package of Charmin toilet paper was prominently placed in a scene in Shock Treatment.

Theatre Credits

1964: Still Life – The Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1964: The Sport of My Mad Mother - The Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1964: Inadmissable Evidence – The Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1965: Entertaining Mr Sloane – The Old Tote Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1966: The Lover – AMP Theatrette, Circular Quay, NSW
1966: The Gents – AMP Theatrette, Circular Quay, NSW
1966: Operatic Concerto – New South Wales
1966: Chips With Everything– Independent Theatre, North Sydney, NSW
1967: A Taste of Honey
1967: And So To Bed - Playhouse Theatre – Perth, WA
1967: Don Giovanni – National Tour
1967: The Flower Children - A Little Bourke Street Discotheque – Melbourne
1967: The Birthday Party – St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, VIC
1968: You Never Can Tell – The Old Tote Theatre
1968: Terror Australis – Jane Street Theatre
1968: Norm and Ahmed by Alex Buzo – Old Tote Theatre
1969: Hair (1969) – Metro Theatre, Sydney – later National Tour (1971–73) and productions in New Zealand (1972), Tokyo, Boston
1971: As You Like It – Parade Theatre, Kensington
1971: King Lear – Russell St Theatre, Melbourne
1971: Lasseter – Parade Theatre, Kensington
1972: Jesus Christ Superstar (1972–73) – National Tour of Australia
1972: Jesus Christ Superstar – London
1972: The Unseen Sand by Sam Shepherd – London
1973: The Removalists – Royal Court Theatre, London
1973: The Threepenny Opera – Drama Theatre, Sydney
1973: The Rocky Horror Show – London
1974: The Rocky Horror Show -Los Angeles and Sydney (1974), Melbourne (1975)
1975: The Season at Sarsaparilla by Patrick White – Drama Theatre, Sydney
1977: Big Toys by Patrick White – Parade Theatre, Kensington
1978: Pandora's Cross – Paris Theatre, Sydney
1979: A Cheery Soul by Patrick White
1980: Death in Venice – Festival Theatre, Adelaide
1981: Lulu – Sydney & Adelaide
1982: A Midsummer Night's Dream – The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
1982: Silver Lining – The Lighthouse, Adelaide, SA
1982: Royal Show – The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA,
1983: Blood Wedding – The Lighthouse, Adelaide, SA
1983: Netherwood – The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
1983: Pal Joey – The Lighthouse, Adelaide, SA
1983: Sunrise – The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
1985: Dreamplay – Parade Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1986: Voss (1986–87) – National Tour
1987: Blood Relations – Drama Theatre, Sydney, NSW
1987: A Lie of the Mind – Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, NSW
1987: Blood Relations – The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
1988: The Screens – NIDA Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1988: The Rake's Progress – Opera Theatre, Sydney, NSW
1989: The Conquest of the South Pole – Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, NSW
1989: Death in Venice– Opera Theatre, Sydney, NSW
1990: Chess – Theatre Royal, Sydney, NSW
1990: Voss – Opera Theatre, Sydney
1991: Death in Venice (1991) – State Theatre, Melbourne
1992: Shadow and Splendour (1992) – National Tour
1994: The Wedding Song (1994) – Parade Theatre, Kensington, NSW
1995: Miss Julie – The Playhouse, Adelaide
1979: The Tempest– National Tour through Australia
2000: Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill -NIDA Studio, Kensington, NSW
2001: Language of the Gods – NIDA Theatre, Sydney
2004: What the Butler Saw – Belvoir St Sydney
2005: Death in Venice – Opera Theatre Sydney
2006: Three Furies: Scenes from the Life of Francis Bacon – Playhouse Theatre Perth

Screen Credits

1970: Arcade (5 minute short)
1971: Roll up (unfinished documentary)
1972: Shirley Thompson vs. the Aliens
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1976: Summer of Secrets
1978: The Night the Prowler
1981: Shock Treatment