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Riff Raff, Muskegon comic book convention MI 03/24/18


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Performance Roles

Riff Raff
The Criminologist
Dr. Scott

Leadership Roles

Founder and Producer of The Denton High Drama Club


Kevin Kilbry aka Capitan Dasterdly (intentional spelling), earned a reputation as 'The traveling Michigan Riff Raff', "When you're a fan you find your fix any and every time you can. First seeing the movie time 1977 but without a shadow cast. Performing mainly Riff On and off since maybe 1980. My dream show to just even attend would be the 45th anniversary show at the oriental theater in Milwaukee Wi One of if not the longest continual screenings of RHPS." Was Riff Raff for The Full Rocky shadowcast debut show in Grand Rapids. Now Founder, Producer, and original Director of Muskegon The Denton High Drama Club their debut shadowcast performance 08/19/17 at Harbor Cinema 1937 Lakeshore Drive Muskegon, MI. "My Rockytober 2017 stats : Approximately 500 performances, attended over 800 screenings. To The Denton High Drama Club ,The Full Rocky , The Rocky Horror Preservation Society , And to my very large Rocky Horror Family, I love you all and cant wait to start making the rounds again. Completely Crazy, Help me Mommy, Satanic Mechanics, and Sensual Daydreams, I'm looking your way! The 500 performances are included in 800 viewings. Did a lot per year for a few years and did watch it daily for the longest time." When not playing Riff, Kevin has been a promoter of local performers, also is a haunted house performer, an automotive aficionado, and in the past flew radio control model gliders catching thermals (about 6 foot wingspan and sometimes using a bungee launcher).

The Full Rocky March 30, 2017 MEET OUR CAST! Kevin is a Starving Artist/Mixed media,performance art,entertainer. My first Rocky experience was May 1977.A small movie named Star Wars was opening and Rocky Horror Picture Show was a late show at the theater. No shadowcast but callbacks had begun. When Riff Raff popped up I was sold. As he was singing "Darkness" my first thought was "that's me"! As shadowcasts came around I was there as Riff, (Approximately ) over 550 screenings to date. Have met some of the most outrageously, nicest and accepting people in my "ROCKY" life! Started with "The Full Rocky" as a hired gun to cover Riff Raff, current position as The Criminologist/Tech and whatever else pops up!

RHPS Locations Performed or Attended

Can't recall many of the theaters I've seen or participated in but going backwards more or less... Muskegon MI The Denton High Drama Club, Grand Rapids MI The Full Rocky, Woodridge IL, Completely Crazy, Williamston MI, Lansing MI, Hobart IN, South Bend IN, Wayne Mi, Neguanee MI, Marquett MI, Mt Pleasant mi, Manastee Mi, Ionia Mi, Mount Pleasant MI, New Era Mi, San Diego ca, Denver Co, LA CA, Encino CA, Chicago IL, Grand Haven MI, also around 1981 or 82 NY NY 8th st Playhouse... But that's pretty much it. For cast names lol I can barely remember, completely crazy for one. Full (shadowcast) name lol really didn't have names in same way back I remember franks freaks didn't last long tho just a handful of shows.