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Landmark Theatres

Founded in 1974, Landmark Theatres is a chain of 50 movie houses dedicated to showing independent, foreign and eclectic films. Operating out of a variety of cities, many of the Landmark's venues are vintage theaters with a historic past (though they do have many newer structures as well.) Landmark Theatre Corporation began as Parallax Theatres which was founded in 1974 by Kim Jorgensen with the opening of the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles, Sherman Theater in Sherman Oaks, the Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena, and the Ken Cinema in San Diego. Steve Gilula and Gary Meyer became partners in 1976 as the chain expanded as Landmark.

Landmark has a long history of supporting The Rocky Horror Picture Show in its theaters, beginning as far back as 1976, with current runs in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Denver, and San Diego, among others.

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