LarryCon 2010

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Convention Location: Morristown, NJ

Convention Website:

Convention Dates: January 29th & 30th, 2010

Convention Venues The Terrace Ballroom at the Hyatt & Clearview Headquarters Theater

Convention Organizers

  • Liz Beaux

Special Guests

Convention Schedule


  • Pants Off Dance Off Dance Off dance party


The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

The roles for LarryCon RHPS were cast by a committee from across the country. Each member of the committee won a bid for the right to cast that role as they saw fit.

RHPS Casting Committee

Frank N. Furter

  • Liz Stockton

Brad Majors

Janet Weiss

Riff Raff




  • Mitten
  • Katie Martin
  • Sarah P.


Dr. Scott

  • Scotty J.
  • Bradwinkle
  • A pile of Larry Viezel's dirty laundry

The Criminologist

  • David Chosid


  • Name


  • Sam
  • Regina

Tech Crew

  • Mike H.-Light Switch Choreographer
  • AJ-Lead Light Switch Switcher
  • Andy (Baseball)-Backup Light Switch Switcher
  • Lauren-Lord of the Prop Rings
  • Tim (Football)-Prop Master Flex

Shock Treatment Casting

Janet Majors

Brad Majors

Farley Flavors

  • Mannix

Cosmo McKinley

Nation McKinley

  • Surprise Special Guest

Judge Oliver Wright

  • Football

Betty Hapschatt

  • Lauren C.

Ralph Hapschatt

  • Bob Foster

Nurse Ansalong

  • Chelsea S.

Rest Home Ricky

  • Nick D.

Bert Schnick

  • Sarah M.

Emily Weiss

  • Dani

Harry Weiss

Macy Struthers

  • Sarah P.
  • Laura

Neely Pritt

  • Erica W.

Vance Parker

  • Jai

Floor Manager


  • Surprise Special Guest

Irwin Lapsey

  • Surprise Special Guest

Oscar Drill

  • Richy


  • Grace

Brenda Drill

  • Carrie
  • Liz Moop

Glish Davidson

Bits Drummer

Bits Bassist

Wardrobe Mistress

  • Special Surprise Guest

Cast Preshows

Additional Screenings


Award Ceremonies

List of Conventions