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Los Angeles Rocky Horror

The Los Angeles area has had a strong and devoted Rocky Horror following since The Rocky Horror Show opened at the Roxy Theatre on March 24, 1974. The Rocky Horror Picture Show had a special sneak-preview at the Fox Venice Theater on September 25, 1975 and premiered at the UA Westwood the following night. It has played continuously in the Los Angeles area ever since. At its peak in the early 80s, it was screening in over 20 local area theaters on Friday and Saturday at midnight (and midnight and 2 AM at the legendary Tiffany Theater on the Sunset Strip).

Los Angeles remains an active part of ongoing Audience Participation with several long-lived shadowcasts with weekly screenings and occasional special Rocky-related events.

Cast Affiliations

Roxy Cast
The Rocky Horror Revue
The Tiffany Troupe
Creatures Of The Night - Long Beach, CA
Erotic Nightmares
The Denton Affair - Hermosa Beach, CA
Wild and Untamed Things - Orange, CA
Sensual Daydreams
The Transylvanian Revue
Another Slice
The Master's Affair
Voyeuristic Intention
Sins O' The Flesh
Midnight Insanity
Wild and Untamed Things
Rocky Whores
Dark Refrain
Too Much Coffee Cast
KAOS at the Frida Cinema
The Forbidden Fruit

Partial List Of Theaters

Because Los Angeles had a general release in 1976 and very active revival house bookings between 1976-1980, and recent main-stream bookings, there have been countless theaters that had engagements of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Below is a small sampling of theaters in Los Angeles County from 1975-Present. Neighboring cities in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and San Diego County had dozens of bookings in the late '70s through mid '80s as well, bringing the number of theaters in California to over 50 simultaneously at the peak of the cult.

Roxy Theatre - West Hollywood, CA
Fox Venice Theater - Los Angeles CA
UA Westwood - Westwood, CA
UA Cinema Center - Westwood, CA
Holly Theater - Hollywood, CA
Nuart Theater - West Los Angeles, CA
Egyptian Theatre - Hollywood, CA
Cinema Colorado - Pasadena, CA
Americana Cinema - Panorama City, CA
UA Del Amo 3 - Torrance, CA
Cinema Center - Northridge, CA
Eastland - West Covina, CA
Winnetka Drive-In - Chatworth, CA
Peppertree 3 - Reseda, CA
Fiesta 3 Drive In - Pico Rivera, CA
Los Altos 2 Drive-In - Long Beach, CA
UA El Monte Drive-In - El Monte , CA
Pickwick Drive-In - Burbank, CA
Crest - Long Beach, CA
Bay Theater - Pacific Palisades, CA
Covina Cinema - Covina, CA
Sherman Theater - Sherman Oaks, CA
Tiffany Theater - West Hollywood, CA
Cove Theater - Hermosa Beach, CA
Rialto Theatre - South Pasadena, CA
UA Marketplace 6 - Long Beach, CA
UA Warner Center - Woodland Hills, CA
UA Torrance - Torrance, CA
Sands - Glendale, CA
Aquarius Theatre - Hollywood, CA
Vista Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
Baronet Theater - Woodland Hills, CA
GCC 5 Theater - Sherman Oaks, CA
Redondo Beach Cinema 3 - Redondo Beach, CA
The Art Theatre - Long Beach, CA
Pantages Theatre - Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Galaxy - Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, CA
The Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA
Warner Grand - San Pedro, CA
Million Dollar Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA
Harmony Gold - Hollywood, CA
Silent Movie Theater - Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Hollywood, CA
Regent Theatre - Westwood, CA
Los Feliz Theatre, Los Angeles CA


Notable Events

Notable Residents

Tim Curry
Barry Bostwick
Lou Adler

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