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Welcome to the Rocky Horror Wiki!

This site is owned and maintained by The Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation. It was created for the stars of Rocky Horror, and no I don't mean just the people who were in the movie. It's for the people who have been so dedicated to the Rocky Horror community that it has kept this movie playing for 40+ years. It's for the fans. Anyone is welcome to add to this wiki. Add yourself. Add your cast. This is the same engine as Wikipedia, so if you know how to do something there it will work here as well. Let's watch this thing grow. Oh.. and be cool, don't be a dick here.

How To


If you don't know where to start, try using one of our profile templates. You can add or remove from it to suit your needs.

You can also use these blank templates by typing the following codes directly into your blank page. Save (to import the template), then go back and edit!

You can redirect a page by typing #REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Featured Pages

Interested in helping?

We are just getting started so we need all the help we can get filling in data.

Here is a list of every page that has been linked to but hasn't been written yet. --> Special:WantedPages

If you are interested in being an administrator?, please contact Cosmo or Dawn Marie.

Thank you and enjoy!

- Cosmo & Dawn Marie