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  • Theater photos at this Facebook link here

Leadership Roles

Director of The Denton High Drama Club May 2018

Cast Affiliations

Roles Played


  • August 7, 2016 Which was also the first show he performed with a shadowcast


Michael Baribeau born 1964, I've been active in West Michigan community theaters such as the Rockford Rogue River Community Theatre Company (now the Rockford Area Theater Troupe or RAT Troupe), the Patricia Rose Rockford area Actors del Arte' Ensemble, Cedar Springs Players, the Kent (Skip) Schusters West MI area Hit & Run Players, the Greenville Flat River Community Players, and the Kalamazoo Center Stage Theatre. Competed at the state level in barbershop quartets Showtime, Vocal Artisans, Statewide Alert, pickup quartets for Great Lakes Harmony Brigade, and at the international level with the Grand Rapids Great Lakes Barbershop Chorus. I've performed in The Full Rocky shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and directed the Denton High Drama Club shadowcast, have performed most of the characters, as well as emceed for shows in Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Williamston, and Whitehall MI.

I was introduced to RHPS back in high school in the 1980s but after that only saw it on the occasion Halloween shows so it's actually nostalgic for me and that it's a great party and escapism like Mardi Gras, plus you get to meet some of the most wonderful people in the world. First performance was as Brad for The Full Rocky shadowcast for their inaugural show 08/07/16 photos link here at age 52 at Grand Rapids MI Celebration! Cinema North & IMAX. I frequently play Brad but working on my 'bingo card' of characters played which, to date, include *Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, The Criminologist, Riff Raff, Rocky, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Trixie, Eddie, Dr. Scott, show Emcee, and Scooby Do gargoyle . Also annual shadowcast performance for Williamston MI Sun Theatre organized by Ariel Rogers 10/27/17 photos link here additional debut performances include for TFR outdoors in freezing rain at Muskegon Getty Drive-In Theatre 10/28/17 photos link here, and for TFR at Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX 03/03/18 photos link here. Began performing as Brad for The Denton High Drama Club at Harbor Cinema in Muskegon MI for its inaugural show 08/19/17 photos link here. I have also participated in numerous preshow skits including for TFR 10/07/17 early Halloween show as a Scotsman reciting a slightly adapted version the poem Tam O'Shanter with virgins acting out the spooky and funny poem of witches and drinking photos link here and video link here. Also the Scotsman made another appearance for DHDC 03/17/18 St Patty's Day performing with audience participation The drunk Scotsman song photos link here. I was made DHDC Assistant Director January 2018 and then Director March 2018 by producer Kevin Kilbry. Debut show for The Full Rocky at Crossroads Celebration! Cinema Portage MI as Frank 10/13/18. Debut show for Denton High Drama Club as Devil Emcee, Crim, and Scooby Doo (as the gargoyle at castle entrance and the dogs Magenta released to chase Rocky) at Wealthy Theatre Grand Rapids MI 10/30/18. While still performing for DHDC, in 2018 I had a short intermittent hiatus from TFR and returned to them more regularly in 2019. Spring 2019 DHDC announced going to quarterly shows but has not had a performance at their home theater Harbor Cinema in Muskegon since then but did have it's 2nd annual October performance at the Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids MI. October 2019 Harbor Cinema theater owner unexpectedly declined having a shadowcast for their 10/25/19 Rocky Horror performance. 11/03/19 Kevin Kilbry announced on the cast page that they were now a homeless floating cast. Also it was announced by TFR in October 2019 that Celebration! Cinemas are ending their regular shadowcast shows in the Grand Rapids area (though possibly keeping October shadowcast shows)

Dubbed with the nickname Sweet Pea when at the first cast rehearsal of Denton High Drama Club 07/30/17 and before it started several members were getting coffee and pop at a local convenience store. The clerk referred to each cast member/customer as the affectionate name 'sweet pea' but when I stepped up to the counter she instead addressed me as, 'you need to spend more than $5 to use a debit card', this made Sammy Scrivener blow ice coffee out her nose and Jamie Arnold-Page nicknamed him Sweet Pea.

Michael's Movie Analysis

Context is everything and Rocky Horror Picture Show is a parody... par·o·dy /ˈperədē/ noun 1. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. ...like King Arthur vs Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Frankenstein vs Young Frankenstein, and Star Wars vs Spaceballs. Not only was RHPS a parody of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Old Dark House, alien invasion, B-rated movies, and coming-of-age movies, but also of sexuality. The audience members dress in cosplay of the movie characters, one of the hallmark outfits being dark corsets, heels, and fishnet stockings, for all sexes, and also for those who want to dress in drag and be in a friendly environment. It's all just good dirty fun but for tamer tastes try a showing without the shadow cast. As for how it used to be there's a YouTube recording of Say It! The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Album. Original Release Date: September 26, 1975 that was also pretty racy... enjoy!

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Retro Rocky Video Game for Windows from 1985 Commodore 64

This is how I spent my Sunday... free windows download of the 1985 Commodore 64 The Rocky Horror Show Original T.V. Game!!... it was a challenging but worth the, wait for it, antici...pation if you're interested in the retro games. If you're as big a geek as me here's how I did it. If you know a better option, browser versions, or similar RHPS games let me know! To play on your pc you need the game and a Commodore 64 emulator both available free online. The game is available free at this link...

1985 Commodore 64 The Rocky Horror Show Original T.V. Game!!

...automatically downloads the file, to the lower left of the window 'The-Rocky-Horror... .zip' is visible. Click the download and a Windows Explorer window opens, in it's browser window at the top you can see the file name after 'Downloads' so it's in the Downloads directory. Click in the browser window where it says Downloads and you'll see all your downloaded files and the Rocky game should be highlighted. On the far left margin are directory/folder locations so left click the Rocky folder and while holding the click down drag the Rocky game to the top directory 'Desktop' and let go and it will now be on your Desktop.

An online emulator is avaiable at the next link but I have trouble controlling the characters with it...

Online Emulator

To download the emulator instead to play the game watch the tutorial...

Download Emulator Tutorial

  • NOTE* to open the game the tutorial steps are for the wrong type of file so watch the tutorial but also at least read the instructions with * below, if you're computer savvy you can skip a lot of the instructions below. The tutorial provides the link for the free Commodore 64 emulator which is...

Download Emulator

...there may be a delay as the website loads and might even have to back out then go back into page, then scroll down and click the underlined fine print that says 'Alternative download link', it opens a new window and after 15 seconds of ads you'll see the button 'Download Your File' and click it. Using the same method as moving the Rocky game file, move the WinVICE emulator to the Desktop directory so the same as the Rocky game. Then after drag and drop, left click the Desktop to see all the files and folders in that directory including both the Rocky game and the WinVICE emulator. Right click the zipped Rocky game and select 'Extract all', in the new window at the bottom click the button Extract and it will copy an unzipped version of the Rocky game folder, then back in the directory you can then delete the zipped file which will have the same name but end in .zip, then follow the same steps for the WinVICE emulator. Follow the tutorial opening the unzipped WinVICE folder, make a 'roms' folder, in the Rocky game folder right click and drag and drop a copy of the t64 file into roms, in the WinVICE folder double click x64 to open the Commodore emulator window (pc screen may go black a couple times), the menu options at the top of the emulator window click Settings, select 'Joystick settings', change joystick in port 1 & 2 to Keyset A & B, don't advise selecting 'Config Keyset' buttons to change settings.

  • Recommend at this point to select Options and click 'Double size' (don't use 'full screen' yet until comfortable). The video tutorial has you select a d64 program but Rocky game only has t64 so select that but when the tutorial tells you to select File then select 'attache disk image' don't because it won't have access to the file and instead select File then 'autostart disk/tape image', Autostart window make sure 'Look in' window has roms folder, 'Files fo type' select window drop down and select 'All files', then double click Rocky t64 file. It takes half a minute to start and the emulator screen will scramble and stuff.

Spacebar to end the Jack Alien/Remember Proudly Presents screen. For the next screen 'The Rocky Horror Show +7' for standard game play repeatedly press N (no) to cycle through all the questions/options but if you want the game super easy repeatedly press Y (yes) instead. Spacebar ends 'Enter At Your Own Risk' screen. 'J' key selects Janet, 'B'. A is up, Z down, N left, M right, Spacebar to pick up items, M to stop the end title screen. In options if select 'full screen' will lose menu options so to get out of emulator screen use keyboard Esc or key with windows icon next to alt key, to end full screen after you Esc then in the bottom toolbar you have right click the VICE emulator, 'close window' (computer screen might blink black a couple times), then reopen like before.

Game objective is collect tiles of the DeMedusa machine and put them on the flashing screen on the curtained stage. You can only carry one tile and a key at a time. If you loose your clothes you first have to get them back before you can pick up anything else. You have to assemble the DeMedusa machine before the thermometer temp gets too high.

fwiw above I provided the direct game download link but the page the game is available on is...

Game's Webpage

...beware there are many ads that look like download options, scroll down to the heading Commodore 64 Version and beneath that is a button that says 'Download 36k' with a UK flag and click it or use this link and download directly...

Also the t64/d64 instruction were at this link...

t64/d64 Discussion Thread

What game play looks like watch this video

Game Play Sample Video