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Oakley Court Hotel (2009)

The Oakley Court Hotel was the primary filming location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Some scenes were filmed down the road at Bray Studios.

Hotel Location: Windsor, UK

Hotel Website: http://www.oakleycourt.co.uk/

Hotel Opened: November 7, 1981

Hotel Status: Open


Oakley Court was built in 1859. Conversion to a hotel began in 1979. It took 2 years and £5 million to restore and add 2 wings. There are 85 rooms plus 8 suites in the original mansion. Filming for The Rocky Horror Picture Show began on October 21, 1974 with a modest budget of $1,200,000. Filming wrapped on December 19, 1974.


  • Condé Nast Johansens
  • Principal Hayley (sold 201?)

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