RHPS 30th Anniversary

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Sa Winfield & friend at Hollywood Bowl
Midnight Insanity takes a bow in front of 8,000 Rocky Horror fans at the Hollywood Bowl

Event Location: Hollywood CA

Event Dates: September 5, 2005

Convention Venue: Hollywood Bowl

In honor of Rocky Horror's 30th Anniversary, 20th Century Fox hosted one of the largest screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday, September 5, 2005 with an estimated 8,000 in attendance. Pre-show performance by glam band Louis XIV, followed by the film with full staging by Midnight Insanity and Mistress of Ceremonies Jane Wieldin of the Go-Gos.

A Virgin sacrifice was performed as part of the pre-show, where two couples were chosen for the ritual. The male of each team had to search for a cherry Lifesaver, hidden in a cream pie that was strategically placed between the legs of the female companion.

Costumed participants of all ages were in attendance, and the night featured the usual Audience Participation in addition to the hosting Shadowcast.

Event Organizers

Midnight Insanity
20th Century Fox

Celebrity Guests

Jane Wiedlin

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