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This article is about the London UK theatre. For the South Pasadena, CA theatre, see Rialto Theatre
1974 Newspaper ad for The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Rialto in London

Theater Location: 3-4 Coventry Street, London UK

Theater Status: Closed


The Rialto Cinema was a theatre on Coventry Street in London, England, where The Rocky Horror Picture Show had its debut on August 14, 1975. The short run included Midnight screenings in its schedule. The film opened to poor reviews and closed after a few weeks. The historic building was the first cinema in London with a neon sign, which was installed soon after its opening in 1913. The Cinema was operated by 20th Century Fox from 1954-1977.

Not to be confused with the Rialto Theatre in Southern California, which also was part of the early history of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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