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Sena Mall Marquee, Photo courtesy Chris Paulina
Pin from closing night

Theater Location: 714 Elmeer Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Theater Open Date: March 27,1968

Theater Close Date: May 6, 1989

Theater Status: Currently a Wine Cellar liquor outlet


Located in Metairie, LA, The Sena Mall Theater became a very popular, early location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing Friday and Saturday nights beginning June 23, 1978, after the Gentilly Orleans Theater burned down. Many of the regulars of the Gentilly Orleans migrated to the new location as the film was hitting its first peak of success globally. The theater seated 500, and the $3.50 tickets sold out on most nights to audiences well-equipped with props and costumes. Reportedly, the convenience store adjacent to the theater turned a blind eye to the patron's ages, and provided a no-host bar to those who so desired it. Additionally, the tradition of driving a motorcycle though the large, single-screen theater during "Hot Patootie" migrated with the Genitlly crowd for some legendary performances.

The hoopla lasted for 11 years and 1,321 midnight performances, and ended when the theater shuttered in 1989, citing too much competition from newer multiplexes. At that point, Rocky Horror moved to the Lakeside Theater, and more recently the Prytania Theatre.

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