The Denton Affair - Hermosa Beach, CA

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For other uses, see The Denton Affair (disambiguation)
The Denton Affair (1980)

Cast Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Cast Status: Retired

Cast Venues: Cove Theater

Show Frequency: Every Friday & Saturday

Cast History

The Denton Affair was an early Rocky Horror performance group in Southern California, founded in 1980.
The Denton Affair was based out of the Cove Theater in Hermosa Beach, CA and were frequent visitors to the Tiffany Theater, and other Southern California venues.

Cast Members

Frank: Kathy Bluman

Janet: Michele Williams

Brad: Jim Cochrane

Riff-Raff: Cory Haibloom

Magenta: Bonnie Rose

Columbia: Chelsie Kraemer

Rocky: Gilbert Shannon

Eddie: Don Bliss

Dr. Scott: ?

The Criminologist: Mark Williams

The Transylvanians:
Laurie Wieland
Steve Zlick
Patti Bockting
Don Inose

Theaters Attended 1979-2016

Conventions Attended

1979: The First Annual Transylvanian Convention (Hollywood, CA)
1980: The Second Annual Transylvanian Convention (Hollywood, CA)
1981: The Semi-Annual Transylvanian Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
1981: The Third Annual Transylvanian Convention (Anaheim, CA)
1990: 15th Anniversary Convention ("The Master's Affair" at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA)
1995: The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration (Roxy Theatre, Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA)

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

1980: Velvet Magazine - "Rocky Horror Update"