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The Lips of Patricia Quinn

Model Lorelei Shark provided The Lips used for the promotional posters and materials for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which also included the tag-line A Different Set of Jaws. In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Lips are those of Patricia Quinn during the films opening number "Science Fiction, Double Feature". The Lips in the trailer for The Rocky Horror Picture Show were those of actress Rhea Ruggiero. There are several official versions of The Lips that appear on almost all Officially Licensed Merchandise for ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show''. The concept for the opening sequence of the film came from production designer Brian Thomson, who based the disembodied lips on the painting "Observatory Time: The Lovers, 1936 by Man Ray", also known as "Lips over Hollywood".

in 1973, The Royal Court Theatre presented "Not I", a short monologue written by Samuel Beckett and performed by Billie Whitelaw. Whitelaw's entire body was draped in black; her face covered with black gauze with a black transparent slip for her eyes and her head was clamped between two pieces of sponge rubber so that her mouth would remain fixed in the spotlight. Finally a bar was fixed which she could cling to and on to which she could direct her tension. The visual result, although small on stage, was the same look as "Science Fiction, Double Feature," and undoubtedly served as inspiration regardless of the Man Ray reference.

Different sets of Lips:

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