The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration

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Convention Location: Hollywood, CA

Convention Website:

Convention Dates: October 20-21, 1995

Convention Venues: Roxy Theatre, Pantages Theatre

The second officially studio produced gathering for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, produced by Lou Adler in tandem with 20th Century Fox. Not a Con in the true sense as there was no events outside of the main attractions. The first event took place at the Roxy Theater on Friday October 20, 1995, consisting of a costume contest. The second event consisted of a large screening at the ample-sized Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Blvd that generally serves as a venue for staged musicals and occasional other concerts on Saturday October 21, 1995.
Pre-show included another costume contest followed by an introduction from Richard O'Brien. At one point, someone asked O'Brien what Dr. Frank-N-Furter says when the curtain gets flipped back in the lab scene, to which he replied "Hooplah!" A Rocky Horror themed band from Japan provided music, and Patricia Quinn then sang "Science Fiction, Double Feature".

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