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The Rocky Horror Revue - 1978 Michael Wolfson as Dr. Frank N Furter, Sa Winfield as Columbia, Janice Costello as Transylvanian
Feb 3, 1978 L.A. Times Ad for The Rocky Horror Revue at the Tiffany Theater

The Rocky Horror Revue was the first documented, organized and advertised Rocky Horror performance group.

Cast Location: Los Angeles, CA

Cast Status: Retired

Cast Venues: Fox Venice Theater, Tiffany Theater

Show Frequency: Twice nightly, monthly screening (Fox Venice, 1977-1980), Occasional (Tiffany Theater, 1977-1978)

Cast History

The Rocky Horror Revue was founded in 1977 by Michael Wolfson, who constructed his first Frank N. Furter costume after seeing the film multiple times at the UA Westwood in 1975. Wolfson began appearing in costume soon after. After several months of developing his costume, Wolfson went forward with an idea to create a Rocky Horror performance group after meeting his Riff Raff-to-be, Corky Quakenbush, at a 1976 costume contest.

Before organizing a cast, Wolfson and Quakenbush frequented the Tiffany Theater in Hollywood, where they met Sa Winfield, who became their Columbia.
The Rocky Horror Revue debuted in fall of 1977 at the Fox Venice Theater in Los Angeles, performing twice a night, in-between their then monthly screenings of RHPS.

The beautiful Art Deco Fox Venice Theater was perfectly suited for the performances, being equipped with a large stage and velvet curtains.

The Rocky Horror Revue was run much like current casts with applications, auditions and rehearsals. At the time, Rocky Horror played at many theaters in Los Angeles, though mostly once a month at various revival houses. As the limited number of prints of The Rocky Horror Picture Show circulated between these theaters, the Rocky Horror Revue was invited to many other theaters to perform, including venues as far away as Northern California and The Sombrero Playhouse in Arizona.

In October 1977, fhe cast was photographed for an upcoming feature in Circus Magazine, which identified them as being based out of the Tiffany. The spread featured Michael Wolfson and others, and referenced the first Rocky Horror Wedding, which Michael officiated in between the night's two screenings.

Midnight showings were added to the calendar at the Fox Venice in place of monthly prime-time screenings in 1979, though the cast dwindled after Wolfson retired from the cast towards the end of the year.

The Rocky Horror Revue is featured in Creatures Of The Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience by Sal Piro, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book by Bill Henkin.

Cast Members

Guest Appearances

The Rocky Horror Revue was invited to many other theaters to perform, including venues as far away as Northern California and Arizona.

Other Media

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