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Original Theater Program for The Rocky Horror Show at the Theater Upstairs

Theater Location: Sloane Square, Chelsea, London, UK


Opening Date: 1969

Theater Status: Open


The Theater Upstairs is the theater where The Rocky Horror Show debuted with the original London Cast production in 1973.

The Theater Upstairs opened at London's Royal Court Theatre in 1969 as what is known as a "Black Box Theater," a sparse stage room with black walls and a flat stage, meant for small or experimental productions. While the main theater downstairs held larger, more main-stream productions, the Theater Upstairs held more experimental shows. In this case, it was a room above the main stage, hence the name "Theater Upstairs."

The Theater Upstairs was home to several small, independent productions in the late '60s and early '70s, the most successful of which was The Rocky Horror Show, which opened there in June 19, 1973 (after previews on June 17-18), closing on July 20. Although a rousing success, the show had to be moved to accommodate another booking.


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