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Trevor White was best known as a singer for the English band Sound Incorporated from 1968-1971. The band broke up while on tour in Australia, where White tried out for the Jim Sharman production of Jesus Christ Superstar, landing the lead role of Jesus, and also appearing on the Australian Soundtrack LP of the show. After leaving role in 1974, White was visiting London while Sharman and Musical Director Richard Hartley were working on the audio for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unhappy with the vocalizations of Peter Hinwood, they had an unknown singer record Rocky's part for the "Floor Show" for the soundtrack, and ended up auditioning then hiring Trevor White to record Rocky's vocals for the movie's audio along with all of the rest of Rocky's movie sounds. The song "The Sword Of Damocles", sung by White, was subsequently left off the soundtrack album, but later appeared on later repackaged versions.

Immediately after the Rocky Horror session, White went on the road with The Kinks, and later became guitar player for Sparks. Other bands he was affiliated with include Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Led Zeppelin, Elton John (Madman Across the Water), Deep Purple and Procol Harum.