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This is my personal sandbox page. If you'd like to see my Rocky Resume head to Shawn Hall.

I'm currently working on a new format for the List of All Rocky Horror Cast Names

Cast Name Year Formed Year Disbanded State, City Country
17th St. Players
20¢ Fiction
76th St. Players
8th Street Players 1980s 1990s? NY, New York USA
A Jump to the Left AZ, Tucson USA
A Rather Tasteless Joke NY, Rochester USA
Absent Friends
The Absent Friends France
Absolute Insanity
Absolute Pleasure (MS) MS, Biloxi USA
Absolute Pleasure (MT) MT, Bozeman USA
Absolute Pleasure (CA) CA, Petaluma USA
Absolute Pleasure Players
After Midnight
Alter Egos
Angels With Hard-Ons MO, St. Louis USA
Animatronically Correct Players
The Animatronically Correct Players OH, Columbus USA
Another Planet
Anticipation Players
Apple Pie CA, Chico USA
Army Of High Heels Switzerland
As The Fishnets Run NC, Charlotte USA
The Art Theater NY, Binghamton USA
Bacchanalia Productions - formerly Krazie Aliens NJ, Bayville USA
Back Row Productions SC, Charleston USA
The Back Row Players FL, Lakeland/St. Pete Beach/Orlando USA
Barely Legal CA, Oakland USA
The Bawdy Caste CA, Fremont USA
The Bawdy Caste CA, Menlo Park USA
The Beautiful Creatures (I) TX, Houston USA
The Beautiful Creatures (II) 2005 2011 TX, Houston USA
The Bel-Air Cast 1987 1992 TX, Bellaire USA
Beyond Any Measure AZ, Flagstaff USA
Blue Mouseketeers WA, Tacoma USA
Bonnie's Paradise Players Acting Troupe FL, Daytona Beach USA
Bourne Agane Productions NJ, Teaneck USA
Broadway Bound & Gagged AZ, Tempe USA
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Cabbage Snatch Kids
Canada Mercy Killings Québec, Montreal Canada
Canada Orgasmic Rush Ontario, Ottawa Canada
Canada Rich Wierdos British Columbia, Vancouver Canada
Cards 4 Sorrow Brisbane Australia
Carefree Players
The Carefree Players FL, West Palm Beach USA
Carnal Atrocities
Cast Incognito
Cast Nouveau
Cast Nu-Vo
Castle Transylvanians
Castle Transylvanians (MD) MD, Towson USA
Celluloid Jam 1980s? WI, Milwaukee USA
Cepheid Variable TX, College Station USA
Chapter 13 Foundation IN, Indianapolis USA
Charleston Cherry Poppers
Charming Underclothes (UK) - Old web site London England
Charming Underclothes (NTS) (Nocturnal Theatre Society)
Charming Underclothes (VA) VA, Roanoke USA
Chuckies Angels OH, Bowling Green USA
Chucky's Angels
Circus of the Night
Clinton Street Cabaret OR, Portland USA
Clinton Street Cabaret! OR, Portland USA
Colorado's Elusive Ingredient
Colorado's Elusive Ingredient CO, Denver USA
Common Decency
Completely Crazy IL, Woodridge USA
Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light Players 1992 TX, Dallas USA
Cosmic Vibrators
Crazed Imaginations CA, SanDiego USA
Creatures of the Night Haifa Israel
Crotchless Underwear OH, Bowling Green USA
Dark Refrain
The Dayton Affair OH, Dayton USA
Deadly Pace
Deep Throat Nine
The Denton Affair OH, Cincinnati USA
Denton Bunch
The Denton Bunch 1991 CA, Woodland Hills USA
Denton Crowes
Denton Dead
Denton Delinquents
Denton Delinquents (CA) CA, San Leandro USA
The Denton Delinquents 1995 1998 CA, Montclair USA
Denton Deviants Glasgow Scotland
Denton Drama Department
Denton Drama Troupe
Denton Episcopalians Ontario, Toronto Canada
Denton High 1997 1998 FL, Tampa USA
Denton Junior Chamber of Commerce
Denver's Dynamic Tension
Diabolical Plan Milan Italy
Divine Decadence NV, Las Vegas USA
Doctor Scott's Extra Forks Glasgow Scotland
Double Feature - formerly Indecent Exposure 1970s CA, Berkeley USA
Downing Street Irregulars
Dr. Scott's Extra Forks
Dr. X's Feature Creatures 1999 TX, Houston USA
Dynamic Tension CO, Denver USA
The Ed Wood Players
The Ed Wood Players 1996 1998 CA, Colton USA
The Eighth Fork
Equal Opportunity Offenders
Erotic Nightmares 1979 1981 CA, Riverside USA
Erotic Nightmare Cast MO, Columbia USA
Erotic Nightmares Beyond Any Measure Players
Evil Deeds
The Evils
Excited Mental State
F5 aka Charming Assholes SC, Spartanburg USA
Fantasie Factory
Fishnet Bliss Zagreb Croatia
Fishnet Dreams and Stranger Things
Fishnet, Inc. VA, Norfolk USA
Flaming Heterosexuals FL, Brandon / Tampa Bay USA
Forbidden Fruit OR, Eugene USA
Forces Of Darkness
Formal Dress Optional formerly Sincere Lust 2002 Active DE, Newark USA
Fort Collins' Favorite Obsession
Frankie's Favorite Obsession NV, Las Vegas USA
Frank-N-Fetish Quest For A Beauty Queen
Frank-N-Fettish IL, Waukegan USA
Frank's Angels
Frank's Babies
Frank's Follies IN, Indianapolis USA
Frank's Virgin Ears
Frank's Virgin Ear's CA, San Francisco USA
Friday Insanity
The Front Row Players
The Front Row Players OH, Columbus USA
Fruit Soup
Full Body Cast MA, Cambridge USA
Fun in the Dark Sydney Australia
Gainesville Cast
Ghost Cast
Heavy Petting AZ, Tucson USA
The Heretics
Help Me Mommy IN, Hobart USA
The Holocast
Home of Happiness (NJ) NJ, Montclair USA
Home of Happiness (F) France
The Home Of Happiness
Hostile Takeover
Hot and Flustered
The Hot Groins
Houston's Rocky Horror Casts of the Past TX, Houston USA
The Houston Rocky Horror Picture Show TX, Houston USA
Immaculate Misconceptions 1994 1995 WA, Tacoma USA
The Immortal Wombats
Indecent Exposure CA, Berkeley USA
Inside Insanity Defunct NY, Pearl River USA
Interchangeable Parts FL, Pinellas USA
The Irish Creamers
Irish Rocky Horror Picture Show Dublin Ireland
A Jump To The Left
Junior Chamber Of Commerce (CA) 1990 1991 CA, Balboa USA
Junior Chamber of Commerce Players PA, Pittsburgh USA
The Junior Chamber Of Commerce
The Junior Chamber Of Commerce Players PA, Pittsburgh USA
The Justice League of Denton KS, Wichita USA
Knoxville, TN RHPS Cast Defunct TN, Knoxville USA
Krazie Aliens
Lamda Psi Phi GA, Atlanta USA
Larger Than Life
Latter-Day Transvestites UT, Salt Lake City USA
Legends, Inc. 1991 CA, Malibu USA
Less Vulnerable Bedford England
The Lexington Kentucky Cast KY, Lexington USA
Lingerie Lizards
Lip Service Fishnets and Platforms Balfast Northern Ireland
Lips Down On Dixie GA, Atlanta USA
Lip Sync
LIPS Tokyo Japan
LIPS NY, Albany, University of Albany USA
Lips Service 1990s CA, Montclair USA
Little Morals TN, Nashville USA
Long Beach Rocky Horror CA, Long Beach USA
Los Bastardos TX, Carrollton USA
Low Down Cheap Little Punks NC, Raleigh USA
Lowdown Cheap Little Punks Alberta, Edmonton Canada
Loyal Servants of Denton (LSD)
KAOS at the Frida Cinema
Madison Theater IL, Peoria USA
Madness Tolls
Magic City Misfits 2014 Active ND, Minot USA
The Magic Lust Puppies
Magical Lust Puppies 1992 CA, Panorama City
Malicious Intent
Marley Madness
The Master's Affairs
The Masters Servants
The Meat Packer's Local 274306
Mental Mindf*cks NY, Rochester
Mercy Killings Montreal Canada
Metro Detroit Rocky Horror Cast MI, Detroit USA
The Midnight Crew
Midnight Insanity CA, Long Beach USA
Midnight Madness IL, Chicago USA
The Midnight/Midnite Express
Montclair Playthings CA, Montclair USA
Montreal RHPS Cast
The Montreal Cast Montreal Canada
Naive Charm WA, Seattle USA
Nasty Little Symptoms
Natural Born Chaos Cast NH, Nashua USA
Near Death Experience FL, Tampa USA
New York City Cast
The New York City RHPS Cast NY, New York City USA
No Picnic
Nocturnal Vegetables
Nonoxynol 9 GA, Atlanta USA
Northcross Dressers TX, Austin USA
The Not-Ready-For-Bedtime-Players
The Nymphettes Adelaide South Australia
Ordinary Healthy Kids CA, Modesto USA
Orgasmic Rush Ottawa Canada
The Original Sins of the Flesh Players of Southern California CA USA
Out Past Curfew
Paradise Players
Patricia Quinn's LIPPs
The Picnic
The Picture Show Players
Pink Invaders, The Merrillville In, Defunct
The Pink Invaders IN, Merrillville USA
Pink Prism Productions
Plan B From Denton High FL, Tampa USA
The Purple Onion NM, Albuquerque USA
Project the Night NY, Port Washington USA
Psychotic Cabaret
Queen William Players VA, Williamsburg USA
Queerios TX, Austin USA
Random Comment Players
Real Horrorshow Melbourne Australia
Rebel Cast Alliance (Friday nights) 1992 1995 CA, Montclair USA
Regular Frankie Fan Club KS, Kansas City USA
Regular Frankie Fan Club MO, Kansas City USA
Rich Weirdos
Rich Weirdos Vancouver Canada
Richard O'Brien's Phuck Phest Phollies
RKO Players RI, Providence USA
The RKO Players RI, Warwick USA
The Rocky Horror Crew
The Rocky Horror Electric Company
The Rocky Horror Revue
The Rocky Horror Stage Show
Rocky Unbound
Rocky Whores CA, Pasadena USA
Rocky's Angels
Rocky's Horrz 1990 1992 CA, Redondo Beach USA
Rose Tint Revue CA, Ukiah USA
Sadistic Pleasures 2001 TX, Houston USA
Sadistic Seduction
Satanic Jello NY, Buffalo USA
Satanic Mechanics
The Satanic Mechanics MD, Baltimore USA
Satanic Mechanix
Save RHPS OH, Bowling Green USA
Seduction Productions
Seminole Vesicles
Sensual Daydreams WI, Milwaukee USA
Sensual Daydreams CA, Modesto USA
Sensual Daydreams CA, Riverside USA
Sensual Nightmares FL, Melbourne USA
Sibling Rivalry
Simply His Servants OH, Cleveland USA
Sincere Lust DE, Newark USA
Sins O' The Flesh CA, Los Angeles USA
Sins of the Flesh PA, Lehigh Valley Allentown USA
Sins of the Flesh CA, Riverside USA
Slow Children At Play PA, Philadelphia USA
Slurpee Sluts
Sonic Transducers Washington D.C. USA
Small Furry Animals with Duct Tape TX, Dallas USA
Star City Players
The Star City Players NE, Lincoln USA
Superheroes Reproductions
Sweet Sensations
Sweet Temptations
Sweet Translucent Dreams PA, Bethlehem USA
Sweet Transvestites
The Sweet Transvestites Paris France
The Symptom
Tasty Stuff LA, Baton Rouge USA
Technical Difficulties
Technical DiffiCULTies (CA) CA, Redondo Beach USA
The Tentatively Named Star City Players
Terrible Thrills CA, Simi Valley USA
Teseracte Players
The Teseracte Players MA, Boston USA
This Way Production Company
The Tiffany Troupe CA, West Hollywood USA
Time Warped
Time Warped IA, Des Moines USA
The Time Warped Cast IA, Des Moines USA
Tiny Fools
Tiny Fools WI, Madison USA
Tolls of Madness
The Tolls of Madness Cast VA, Blacksburg USA
Tonight's Menu 1992 1994 CA, Redondo Beach USA
TooMuchCoffeeCast CA, Ventura USA
The Transducer Players
The Transducer Players NJ, Mount Ephraim USA
Transexual Misfits
The Transexual Misfits MD, Elkton USA
Translucent Dreams NJ, Edison USA
Transsexual Chincillas WV USA
Transvestite Huskies... On a Schtick
Transvestite Preservation Society
Transvestite Preservation Society NM USA
Transvestite Soup MN, Minneapolis USA
Transylvanian Electric Company
The Transylvanian Electric Company LA, New Orleans USA
The Transylvanian Experience MI, New Baltimore USA
Transylvanian Gothic Cast OK, Stillwater USA
Transylvanian Nipple Productions PA, Philadelphia USA
The Transylvanian Revue
The Transylvanian Social Club
The Transylvanian Warped Sensation
The Transylvanian Workshop Players
Transylvanian Workshop Players 1980s? 1992 TX, Arlington & Hurst USA
Treasure Forever
Trixies Kidz PA, Dallastown
Trixie's Toys
T-Town Transylvanians WA, Tacoma USA
The T-Town Transylvanians
U.F.O. CA, San Fernando Valley USA
Unconventional Conventionists CA, Santa Clara USA
Unconventional Conventionists FL, Titusville USA
Under Sedation CA, Citrus Heights USA
Unloved Teddies
Vancouver, B.C. RHPS Cast B.C., Vancouver Canada
Vanilla Chalice
Velvet Darkness 1990s CA, San Jose USA
Velvet Darkness CA, Bakersfield
The Vicarious Theatre Company
The Vicarious Theatre Company WA, Seattle USA
Voyeuristic Intention 1980 1999 CA, South Pasadena USA
Weird Room Players 2000 2001 CA, Lancaster USA
The What A Cult
Whip Lash CA, Davis USA
Whips, Tricks, and Pixy Stix
Whores of a Different Color
Wild & Untamed Things 1990's 2011 CA, West Hills USA
The Wild And Untamed Players
The Wild And Untamed Things
Ye Olde Cinema Tavern Players
The Zen Room
The Zen Room CA, San Luis Obispo USA
The Zen Room Paris France
The ZEN Room NY, Long Island USA
ZipThud Productions