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Troy Martin is an American Rocky Horror fan. His first exposure to Rocky Horror was in a record store in Tinton Falls, New Jersey in 1974, where he discovered the recently released "The Rocky Horror Show - Original Roxy Cast" LP in a record bin. In 1976, he saw the soundtrack LP for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in Jem Records import catalog. In July 1978, he heard Tim Curry singing "Sweet Transvestite" for the first time on the Dr. Demento Show broadcast on KMET 94.7 FM. Intrigued by the music, he went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show when it opened at the United Artists Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall in Riverside, CA on February 2, 1979. He quickly became a regular participant with a loosely organized group of fans known as The Riverside Rockys. In August 1979, he became one of the first Rocky Horror fans to regularly play The Criminologist. On November 1, 1979, he, along with Richard Gifford, Julie Ford, and Vid Kadavre founded Erotic Nightmares, one the first regular, full-time Rocky Horror performing groups on the West Coast. He also became a member of The Tiffany Troupe at the legendary Tiffany Theater in West Hollywood, CA, performing there from 1980 to 1983. He was one of the first Rocky Horror fans to see Shock Treatment at a private pre-release screening at 20th Century-Fox. Although long since retired from performing, he returned to the Rocky Horror community in 1990, and still remains active and is an avid collector of Rocky Horror memorabilia