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Varsity Theatre in St Louis at the time of its closing in 1988
Vintage bumper sticker advertising RHPS at the Varsity Theatre

Theater Location: 6610 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO

Theater Open Date: December 5, 1935

Theater Status: Closed

The Rocky Horror Picture Show came to St. Louis in March of 1976, showing at the now-defunct Varsity Theatre in University City. The movie ran every night, as the main feature, for three weeks. Pete Piccione, who owned the Varsity, brought the film back as a midnight movie on occasional weekends for the rest of the year and on through 1977 as one of The First 30 US Theaters to do so. By May of 1978, Rocky Horror was playing every weekend as the midnight show until the theater closed in January 1988.

Teenage Michael Stipe, later known as lead singer in the rock band REM, was amongst the early regulars at the theater, dressing as Dr. Frank N Furter.

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