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When the cult surrounding The Rocky Horror Picture Show began to grow in the mid-to-late 1970s, those who had never seen the film were given the title of Virgin.

Over time, as the Pre-Shows became longer and more uniform, a tradition of a "Virgin Sacrifice" was added to many midnight shows. It is a generally benign ritual designed get the audience in the mood for the on-screen show and bolster Audience Participation while humorously scaring the newbies.

On more than one occasion, the taunting of a virgin has backfired, as evidenced in 1979, when teen star Kristy McNicol visited a screening of Rocky Horror for the first time at the Tiffany Theater. She was badly spooked by the rowdy crowd outside chanting "Kristy's a virgin, Kristy's a virgin" as they waited for the doors to open. The frightened Kristy fled, never to return.