"Julissa" - El Show De Terror De Rocky

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"Julissa" - El Show De Terror De Rocky LP

"Julissa" - El Show De Terror De Rocky is the soundtrack LP to the 1976 Mexico production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Julissa is a well-known actress and pop singer in Mexico who starred as Janet (Chello) in the 1976 production. Julissa was responsible for adapting the play for the Mexican stage by translating the show into Spanish.

The original album was technically a bootleg, as the show was not officially licensed. Although it had a limited pressing, the LP became available via mail-order through various early fanzines for The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the '70s, including The Transylvanian. in 1996, a bootleg CD circulated, and a seemingly official CD release was issued with the copyright date of 1995 in Mexico as a 2-CD set, paired with Vaselina (the 1973 Mexican stage version of Grease) also starring Juissia and other cast members from El Show De Terror De Rocky.

Orfeon Catalog Number



Dr. Frankenfurter: Gonzalo Vega
Chelo Derecho: Julissa
Carlos Cabales: Héctor Ortiz
Riff-Raff: Luis Torner
Magenta y Usherette: Paloma Zozaya
Colombia: Norma Lendech
Eddie y Dr. Carillo: Lauro Pavón
Rocky Horror: Cecil Goudie
Narrador: Manuel Gurría

Musical Numbers

"Un Relato Bien Extraño Y Muy Pasado"
"Cielos Chelo"
"Veo Una Luz"
"Dulce Travestista"
"Baile del Sapo"
"Canción De Rocky"
"¿Qué Le Ha Pasado Al Sábado?"
"Toca, Toca, Toca, Toca"
"Puede Pasar"
"El Osito De Eddie"
"El Show De Frankie"
"No Hay Solución"
" Los Superhéroes"
"Un Relato [Reprise]"

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