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Cast Location: Barberton, Ohio

Cast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The69thFloorshow/

Cast Status: Active

Cast Venues: The West Theater

Show Frequency: Monthly (3rd Saturday of the month)

Cast History

The Falls Theater (Before 1993)
The 69th Floorshow began as an unnamed cast in Cuyahoga Falls and was founded by Grandma Dave.

The Highland Theater (1993 - 1995)
The group moved from the Falls Theater to The Highland Theater, located in Akron's Highland Square, in 1993. Opening weekend at the Highland both side sections for seating were opened. It was standing room only. Over one thousand people attended people each show (Friday and Saturday.)

The West Theater (1995 - 2008)
The "Akron cast" moved their show to the West Theater in Barberton, Ohio in August of 1995. The cast performed at the theater every other Saturday, taking a break in the winter. Despite operating in a smaller city with less name recognition, Rocky Horror at the West became a staple for after-hours entertainment. At the turn of the new millennium the cast adopted the name "The 69th Floorshow" to distinguish themselves from other casts, especially online. After enjoying thirteen years at the West, the theater closed its doors.

Rolling Acres Cinema (2008)
69th Floorshow moved to The Rolling Acres Cinemas in early 2008. The theater was located within the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, and operated under the same ownership as the West. Unfortunately, their new home would not last long. The area was declining, especially the mall, which only housed a few stores. The mall, and all of it's remaining establishments (including the theater) closed its doors in October of 2008.

The Plaza at Chapel Hill (2008 - 2012)
Not long after Rolling Acres closed The 69th Floorshow moved to Cuyahoga Falls with the help of Kev Boycik of Simply His Servants. At this time the 69th Floorshow began performing once a month (opposed to every other weekend) and theme nights began to take place every show. The cast's first show at the Plaza was September 20, 2008. After four years of performing at The Plaza the theater closed its doors and it was time to move again. The last show at The Plaza was the Apocalypse Christmas Show. The theme represented not only the fact that this would be the last show in Cuyahoga Falls, but also superstitions about December 2012.

The Kent Stage (2013)
In January of 2013 the 69th Floorshow moved to The Kent Stage. The Stage would house the cast for less than a year. The last show The 69th Floorshow performed at this venue was in August of 2013. The cast would endure a year long hiatus.

Garrettsville Cinema (2015)
The 69th Floorshow's run at the Garrettsville Cinema was very brief, only lasting from June to October of 2015. The cast did perform one more time at Lake 8 Movies in Barberton before falling to another hiatus lasting until January of 2017.

The West Theater (2017 - Present)
In November of 2016 The West Theater announced that they would reopen as a multi-entertainment venue. Shortly thereafter the 69th Floorshow announced on their Facebook page that they would be returning to The West on the third Saturday of every month. On January 21, 2017 the 69th Floorshow officially returned to the West Theater.

Special Shows

The University of Akron

  • Halloween 2006

Adams Street Bar

  • One appearance in 2007

Interbelt Nite Club

  • Three appearances between 2007 - 2008

Inferno Night Club

  • Four appearances between 2010 - 2011

Lake Movies 8

  • Halloween 2015

Noteworthy Themes

Anti-Valentine's Day
February show characterized by "singles awareness" and lingerie.

Bare As You Dare
A unique show where audience and cast members are encouraged to wear as little as they are comfortable with without actually exposing themselves. This theme was last done at the Kent Stage in June of 2013.

Catholic School Girl Night
Traditionally held the show before Easter. Characterized by audience and cast members wearing Catholic school uniforms (as well as habits,) confession, and corporeal punishment.


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