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Colin Chilvers (born 1945, in London, England) is an Academy Award winning film director and special effects coordinator. He is known for his work on X-Men (2000), Superman (1978) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) as well as directing the Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal" segment from Moonwalker
Chilvers has also directed hundreds of commercials and promotional films, for a wide variety of clients.

Chilvers studied his craft at Hornsey College of Art, and began his career as an uncredited assistant, and was given his first supervisory role for the film Inspector Clouseau in 1968.

Among his many honors, Chilvers won a Special Achievement Academy Award in 1979 for Superman.

A long time resident of Niagra in Canada, Chilvers was given an honorary doctorate from Brock College in May of 2012 for his exceptional achievements and pioneering work in special and visual effects for the motion picture industry.

Director Credits

2003: Home Beyond the Sun (TV Movie)
2003: Michael Jackson: Number Ones (Video documentary) (video "Smooth Criminal", 1987)
1988: Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film - Volume II (Video documentary) (video "Smooth Criminal")
1988: Superboy (TV Series) (5 episodes)
1988: Moonwalker (episode "Smooth Criminal")
1986: War of the Worlds (TV Series) (2 episodes)
1985: The Kingdom Chums: Little David's Adventure (TV Movie) (live action)
1985: ABC Weekend Specials (TV Series) Pippi Longstocking

Special Effects Credits

2007: Shoot 'Em Up (special effects coordinator)
2006: Zoom (special effects coordinator)
2005: The Pacifier (special effects coordinator)
2003: Bulletproof Monk (special effects consultant)
2002: K-19: The Widowmaker (special effects coordinator)
2001: Get Over It (special effects coordinator)
2001: Driven (special effects coordinator)
2000: X-Men (special effects coordinator)
1998: Bride of Chucky (special effects coordinator)
1985: Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird (special effects director)
1983: Superman III (director of special effects and miniatures)
1983: The Wars (special effects)
1983: Curtains (director of special effects: act I)
1982: Class of 1984 (special effects)
1982: The Incubus (special effects director)
1981: Clash of the Titans (model maker)
1981: Condorman (special effects supervisor)
1980: Superman II (director of special effects)
1980: Saturn 3 (special effects)
1978: Superman (creative supervisor & director of special effects)
1976: The Ritz (special effects)
1975: Lisztomania (special effects)
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (special effects)
1975: Tommy (special effects supervisor)
1972: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (special effects technician) 1972: The Ruling Class (special effects technician - uncredited) 1971: 200 Motels (special effects)
1971: Murphy's War (special effects - uncredited)
1969: Moon Zero Two (special effects assistant)
1969: Battle of Britain (junior assistant: Glen Robinson - uncredited)
1968: Inspector Clouseau (special effects supervisor)

Known Commercials Directed

Sprite “Pinball”
Aflac “Boatman” :30
Atlantic “engine”
RCA Lightning
Budweiser “Ladies Nite”
Sony “Rollercoaster”
GWG “mountains”
Premier Cruise Lines “Kansas”
Premier Cruise Lines “Umbrellas”
Jordache “Beach Party”
Jordache Jeans “Girls”
Jordache Jeans “Firedance”
Jordache Kids “Frog”
Opel Cars “Birds”
Opel Cars “Gas Can”
Opel Cars “Nuts”
Burger King
Atlantic Oil “Uncover”
Levitz “Bedrooms”
Levitz “Upholstery”
ABB Future Astronauts
Konica “Godzilla”
Nestle Crunch Commuter
Nestle Crunch Supermarket
7-11 Coke
7-11 Hot Dogs
NY Newsday
BMW “Valves”
BMW “Drop”
Labatt’s “Loudspeaker”
Atlantic Oil “Engine”
The Comeback Cold
Bridgewater Golf Club
The Canada One Outlet Mall
My Top DrawerBoys Toys.
Spiderman Playset
Spiderman “Spidey Alive”
Star Wars “Force in your pocket”
Ultra Force
Dragon Flyz
Micro Machines “Starship Troopers”
Micro Mchines “Men in Black”
Johnny Quest “Hijack”
Game Genie ”Big Brother”
Army Gear “Parachutes”
Micro Machines Race in a case
American Gladiators
Micro Machines Turbo Talkers
Micro Machines Smash ups
De Luxe Dragon
Micro Machines Star Wars “Explosion”
Game Genie “Closet”
Whipstick Flyers
Micro Machines “Road Warrior”
Cruncher Playset
Army Gear
Micro Machines Motor Muncher
Micro Machines Cranker Stunt Mechanics
Spew Crew
Micro Machines Corkscrew Competition
Micro Machines Cruncher
Dragon Flyz “Fist Force”
Micro Machines Sky Cam Free
Johnny Quest”One Guy”
Dragon Flyz “Blazin Battle Screamers”
Dragon Flyz “Doomsday”Girls To
Dr Barbie
Cool Shopping Barbie
Working out Barbie
Gymnast Stacey
Flying Princess
Fairy Flyers “Cutest Ones”
Fairy Flyers “Carousel”
Pretty Light Sky Dancers
Pound Puppies “So Tiny’
Magic Glow Friends
Baby Loves To Talk
Snap Snap Doll
Peeper Pals
Pound Puppies Your so Tiny
Olympic Gymnast Barbie
Fairy Flyers
My Pretty Doll House