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Prolific publicist Geoff Freeman began his career in the early 60s, and was well seasoned by the time he was hired to publicize The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the time of its release, in 1975. The highly regarded Mr. Freeman was known for his many inside tales from behind the scenes in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006 (along with all the stories from his insider career.)

Screen Credits

2006: Eragon (unit publicist)
2005: Doom (unit publicist)
2005: Oliver Twist (unit publicist)
2004: AVP: Alien vs. Predator (unit publicist)
2002: Die Another Day (unit publicist)
2001: The Mummy Returns (unit publicist)
1999: The World Is Not Enough (unit publicist)
1999: The Mummy (unit publicist)
1997: Tomorrow Never Dies (unit publicist)
1997: Incognito (unit publicist)
1997: Anna Karenina (unit publicist)
1996: The Adventures of Pinocchio (unit publicist)
1995: GoldenEye (unit publicist)
1995: Detonator II: Night Watch (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1994: Lie Down with Lions (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1993: Diana: Her True Story (TV Movie) (publicity promotion)
1992: Blue Ice (unit publicist)
1992: Fergie & Andrew: Behind the Palace Doors (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1992: To Be the Best (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1992: Alien³ (unit publicist - uncredited)
1990: A Little Piece of Sunshine (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1990: Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound (unit publicist)
1989: Shirley Valentine (unit publicist - uncredited)
1989: The Endless Game (TV Mini-Series) (unit publicist - 2 episodes)
1989: Slipstream (publicist)
1988: Willow (unit publicist)
1987: The Living Daylights (unit publicist)
1987: The Fourth Protocol (unit publicist)
1986: Aliens (unit publicist)
1985: Revolution (unit publicist)
1985: Legend (unit publicist)
1985: A View to a Kill (unit publicist)
1985: Brazil (publicist)
1984: Master of the Game (TV Mini-Series) (unit publicist)
1984: Champions (publicist)
1983: Curse of the Pink Panther (unit publicist)
1983: Octopussy (unit publicist)
1983: The Pirates of Penzance (unit publicist)
1982: Trail of the Pink Panther (unit publicist)
1982: Victor Victoria (publicist)
1982: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (TV Movie) (unit publicist - as Geoffrey Freeman)
1981: Venom (unit publicist)
1981: Gregory's Girl (unit publicist)
1981: The Final Conflict (unit publicist)
1980: A Tale of Two Cities (TV Movie) (unit publicist - uncredited)
1980: Little Lord Fauntleroy (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1980: Breaking Glass (unit publicist)
1980: Hussy (unit publicist)
1979: All Quiet on the Western Front (TV Movie) (unit publicist)
1979: Scum (unit publicist)
1979: Zulu Dawn (unit publicist)
1979: Quadrophenia (unit publicist - uncredited)
1979: The Passage (unit publicist - uncredited)
1978: The Thirty-Nine Steps (unit publicist)
1978: The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (unit publicist)
1977: Julia (unit publicist - uncredited)
1976: The Eagle Has Landed (unit publicist - as Geoffrey Freeman)
1976: Shout at the Devil (publicist)
1976: The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella (publicist)
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (publicist - uncredited)
1974: The Man with the Golden Gun (unit publicist - uncredited)
1974: The Abdication (unit publicist)
1974: The Tamarind Seed (unit publicist - uncredited)
1973: The Optimists of Nine Elms (unit publicist)
1973: The MacKintosh Man (unit publicist - uncredited)
1973: O Lucky Man! (unit publicist - uncredited)
1972: Lady Caroline Lamb (unit publicist - uncredited)
1972: Under Milk Wood (unit publicist)
1971: The Boy Friend (unit publicist)
1971: The Devils (unit publicist - uncredited)
1971: Lust for a Vampire (unit publicist - uncredited)
1970: Scrooge (unit publicist - uncredited)
1970: Cromwell (unit publicist - uncredited)
1970: The Adventurers (unit publicist)
1969: Otley (unit publicist - uncredited)
1968: Work Is a 4-Letter Word (unit publicist)
1968: The Charge of the Light Brigade (unit publicist)
1967: Charlie Bubbles (unit publicist)
1967: Deadlier Than the Male (unit publicist - uncredited)
1967: A Countess from Hong Kong (unit publicist - uncredited)
1966: Alfie (unit publicist - uncredited)
1966: The Idol (unit publicist)
1965: Return from the Ashes (unit publicist)
1965: Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (unit publicist - uncredited)
1965: The Hill (unit publicist - uncredited)
1964: A Shot in the Dark (unit publicist - uncredited)
1964: The Leather Boys (unit publicist - uncredited)
1964: Zulu (unit publicist - uncredited)
1963: The Wild Affair (unit publicist - uncredited)
1963: The Servant (unit publicist - uncredited)
1963: Cleopatra (unit publicist - uncredited)
1961: The Mark (unit publicist - uncredited)
1961: Spare the Rod (unit publicist)
1960: Tunes of Glory (unit publicist - uncredited)