Ginger Johnson

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Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson - ROCKYCON '93
Ginger Johnson & Dennis Miller - ROCKYCON '93

Ginger Johnson is an American Rocky Horror fan. She plays Columbia.

Cast Affiliations

Theaters Attended

Loews Merrillville 10, Merrillville, IN
400 Theater, Chicago, IL
Prospect Theater, Mt. Prospect,IL
Mundelien Theater, Mundelien, IL
Clinton Street Cabaret, Portland, OR

Conventions Attended

1993: ROCKYCON '93 The 18th Anniversary
1994: ALBANY '94

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

Ginger is featured Creatures Of The Night II: More Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience by Sal Piro.

Shock Treatment Events

Notable Events Attended