Gregory Lane

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Gregory Lane performing Takeover Scene. Photo by Erika Leigh

Gregory Lane (born October 4, 1987) is a shadowcast performer, videographer and video editor with the RKO Army in Providence, RI. His primary role is Riff Raff.

Rocky Horror Bio

Devirginized in 2007, Greg officially joined RKO the following year and spent several years thereafter on props, lights and shooting and editing video for the cast until finally breaking through as Riff Raff in 2012. In addition to Riff, he's also played Brad Majors, Rocky Horror, The Criminologist and Dr. Scott.

From May until November 2014, Greg was also a full-time performer with the Full Body Cast in Boston, MA. He's appeared sporadically in FBC shows since then.

On the national stage, Greg has performed in two All-Star shadowcasts at Rocky Horror Conventions: Transylvania Carnivale in Chicago, IL, performing Takeover Scene; and RHPS40 in New York City, performing "There's A Light" and Lab Scene.