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LA Times Listing for March 20, 1976

Theater Location: 6523 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Theater Open Date: 1931

Theater Close Date: 1986


The Holly Cinema was a theater located on Hollywood Blvd in the heart of "Tinsel-Town." It was essentially a second-run theater, where films went after they had been playing for a while, but still in circulation (something common for the time.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show began playing there on March 20, 1976 when it left its second home, at the UA Cinema Center in Westwood, for a 6 month period. While at the Holly, there were Midnight screenings each and every Saturday, along with the regular 5 times a day rotation, making it the longest uninterrupted, standard release engagement (it played more prime-time dates at the UA Cinema Center before going exclusively midnight-only, but the engagement was broken up, not completely continuous.) The film remained at the Holly until October, when it returned to the UA Cinema Center in Westwood, as well as starting a run at several other theaters in Los Angeles.

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