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Meat Loaf and Ken Sheppard on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ken Sheppard (1933 - January 6, 2017) was born in Gloucestershire, England. He is known for his work on An American Werewolf in London (1981), The Sender (1982), and was the stunt double for Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). According to Meat Loaf, preparations for the motorcycle scene saw several accidents on the set. Ken Sheppard drove the motorcycle through the scene, including riding up and down several steep ramps. At some point, the bike fell off the top tier and landed upside down, pinning the Ken underneath it. Meat Loaf managed to lift the heavy bike just enough to get it off of him. Although Ken did not move for a while, he eventually opened his eyes and told everyone he was OK. Ken later told Meat Loaf that it was an old stuntman trick to make sure he wasn't suffering any pain or serious injuries before moving.

To get the shots of Eddie riding the bike up and down the ramps, the crew rigged a wheelchair that would hold a set of handlebars and a motorcycle windshield in front of a camera facing Meat Loaf as the crew pulled it up and down the steps. Unfortunately, as they were in the middle of shooting, the wheelchair hit a ridge at the bottom of the steps sending Meat Loaf flying towards the floor and shattering both the camera and the windshield. Ken tried to catch him in the process, but the ramp caught the Ken's leg and caused a serious fracture. Meat Loaf also suffered a deep cut on his head.

Ken died on January 6, 2017 in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England.

Screen Credits

1984: The Boys in Blue (stunt coordinator - as Ken Shepherd)
1982: The Sender (stunts - uncredited)
1981: An American Werewolf in London (stunts - as Ken Shepherd)
1981: For Your Eyes Only (additional stunts - uncredited)
1980: Attentat (stunts)
1977: The Spy Who Loved Me (stunts - uncredited)
1976: The Eagle Has Landed (stunts - uncredited)
1975: The Hostages (stunt arranger)
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (stunt double: Eddie - uncredited)