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Kings Court Theater -1978
Kings Court Theater Cast -1979
Kings Court Theater Cast -1979

Theater Location: 3807 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Theater Open Date: 1965

Theater Close Date: 1990

Theater Status: Closed

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Kings Court Theater is a theater located in the Oakland Section of Pittsburgh PA. The building was originally a jail, then a police station, a firehouse and a retail store. In 1965, Ernst Stern and his wife saw the exterior of "Old Precinct #4" agreed that it would be a wonderful location for a movie theater. The Rocky Horror Picture Show played in Pittsburgh at the King's Court on the weekend of October 22, 1976 as a Midnight feature (The regular feature was Richard Lester's film adaptation of the Gay Bath house comedy "The Ritz"). Rocky Horror returned April 15, 1977 for a one off Midnight weekend show at the Bank Cinemas before finally returning to the King's Court on May 5, 1978. That's when RHPS finally caught on. It played steadily from that date until June 25, 1983.

The film returned to the King's Court on April 8, 1988, where it played for another 2 years, ending its run with the closure of the King's Court.

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