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The Magic City Misfits (2014-present) were established in late 2014 as North Dakota's first regular performing Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast.

Current Cast

  • Doug "Blue" Ballieu (cast co-director) (2015-)
  • Rhianna Costiloe (2015, currently abroad)
  • James Falcon (cast co-director) (2015-)
  • Eric Fetske (2015, currently abroad)
  • Christina Fjeld (2015-)
  • Elena Hamel (2016-)
  • Philip Hamel (2016-)
  • Ashley Nicole Ihrig (2015-)
  • Melanie Johnson (2016-)
  • Oliver Keel (2015-)
  • Joy Keller (2015-)
  • Tiffany Kerfoot-Smith (2015-)
  • Michael Laducer (2015-)
  • Jeannette Loomis (2016-)
  • Christian Marcelletta (2016-)
  • Gimme' Pillsen-Licher (2015-)
  • Paige Jenkins Roberts (2016-)
  • Joseph Slinger (2016-)
  • Deb Sunde (2015-)

Performance History

The cast made their first public appearance doing the Time Warp at Minot Goes Drag for Charity's first drag show on July 10, 2015. This was a promotional performance for the cast's first actual performance, which took place the following evening at the Mouse River Player Community Theatre, in Minot. Their second performance, #ROCKY40, was held at the Vegas Motel, Minot, on September 26, 2015, in honor of the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cast performed the following month, on October 30, at the Minot State University.

The Misfits returned in 2016, with their first show of the year held at the Vegas Motel on April 2, 2016, to commemorate the anniversary that RHPS became a midnight movie. They are currently planning their one-year anniversary show, which will be held July 9, 2016, at Minot State University.

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