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River Oaks Cast (1992)

Cast Location: Houston, TX

Cast Website: http://houstonrocky.blogspot.com/

Cast Status: Defunct

Cast Venues: River Oaks Theatre

Show Frequency: Weekly, alternating with the Bel-Air cast

Cast History

After the Bel-Air Theater closed in February of 1992, the Bel-Air cast was homeless. In May, 1992, a handful of cast members formed a new cast and secured screenings at the River Oaks Theatre. This led to conflicts with other members from the Bel-Air cast who campaigned for rights to the screenings. The theatre's compromise was to alternate the two casts, which resulted in a fracture that would last for years in the Houston Rocky Horror community.

Alumni Members

  • Mina Credeur (cast director)
  • Calvin M.
  • Jenny D.
  • Carolee S.
  • Thomas S.
  • Ryan B.
  • Genevieve
  • Molly P.
  • Danny

Special Shows

Theme Shows

Public Appearances