The Third Annual Transylvanian Convention

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The Third Transylvanian Convention was the fourth and final of The Annual Transylvanian Conventions produced by Rick Sloane.
This convention was the beginning of the promotional campaign for Shock Treatment by 20th Century Fox and was filmed for the TV show Real People. Costume contest winners won passes to an advance screening of Shock Treatment on the Fox lot in Century City. Attendees of the screening were given promotional Shock Treatment T-Shirts with day glow orange with black drop shadow logo on the front and "Trust me, I'm a Doctor" on the back.

Convention Location: Anaheim, CA

Convention Website: The Annual Transylvanian Conventions [1]

Convention Dates: July 12, 1981

Convention Venues: The Inn At The Park, Anaheim, CA

Convention Organizers

  • Rick Sloane

Celebrity Guests

Convention Schedule

Additional Screenings

"Night of the Loving Dead"
"Invasion Of The Garter Belts" Screening
"Clown Whores Of Hollywood" Screening
"Chainsaw Chicks" Screening

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