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Tim Deegan was a Vice President of Advertising at 20th Century Fox from 1973 to 1979.

The concept of a cult film was new when Deegan was chosen to handle the marketing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even before the initial failed release, Deegan used the model he saw of a growing, loyal audience for John Waters' 1973 Pink Flamingos as a midnight movie at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles and applied it to Rocky Horror. With little to no faith from the studio, Deegan (along with producer Lou Adler ) envisioned it as it as a midnight movie, and pushed it in that direction from the beginning. Deegan's hard work payed off after getting the Waverly Theater in New York City to book the show at midnight for the first weekend in April, 1976 (billed as a "preview"). With 20 prints in circulation, the success built slowly, and within 2 years, the film had expanded to 200 screens nationally.

In 2019, Tim Deegan began work on a book about his experiences in marketing, including his successful and unique campaign for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.