Tiny Fools

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Cast Location: Merrillville, IN

Cast Website:

Cast Status: Defunct

Cast Venues: The Crossroads Cinema

Show Frequency:

Cast History

In March of 1993, members from Absent Friends created Tiny Fools at The Crossroads Cinema in Merrillville. The Tiny Fools lasted until August 1995 when the theater closed. Their final show was to a full house, full of much love, sex, nudity, and aliens. When the theater reopened in 1996 the reformed and became The Pink Invaders.

Alumni Members

Guest Performers

Special Shows

  • AIDS benefit show organized by Jack Hartlerode (Halloween, 1993)
  • AIDS benefit show organized by Amy Davis, Ryan Marckle, and Mat Kniola (Halloween, 1994)

Theme Shows

Public Appearances